The Forgotten Voice

Kaelyn was a happy girl. She walked around with a meaningful white-toothed smile. She loved life. She never thought she would hate her life, until one faithful night. One day she came home to be motherless and had a deadbeat father. She hated that day. She got a beating by father that day. She got blamed for everything happening. She hated life after that. She hated the idea of being happy again because she knew that if she got too happy, everything would go down hill after that. She didn't want to take any risks. She moved away from her father's house and she got her own. No one at school noticed her. She was forgotten. Or so she thought. Ashton noticed her and now he has made it his life goal to make her forgotten voice be heard again and to make her smile again.


2. Chapter two...

    Ashton had awoken at 2:38 a.m. He tried to sleep, but like always, he couldn't. So, he decided to just lay there and cuddle with Kaelyn like he was doing previously. He didn't care that was the first time that they had actually sat down and talked, he really cared for the girl. He didn't care how weird it seemed for him to cuddle with a person that is technically a stranger. He really liked her. There was something about the mysterious girl that intrigued the curly-haired boy. maybe it was that he finally had someone to cure.  Be the one to mend a broken heart. He did hate to see the girl cry. He wanted to be the one to let her know that she will be okay. He wanted to let her know everyday that she didn't have to be afraid. That she will always be all right, no matter what. He just had to prove to her that he is trustworthy, unlike all the other people that were in her life.

    He was pulled out of his thought, when Kaelyn started whimpering and stirring next to him. "Leave me alone... I did nothing to you. It's not my fault!" She spoke in her sleep. The blonde looked at the brunette, with a worried expression. "ahhhhhhhhh!" She screamed as she shot up from the bed. She had tears, streaming down her cheeks, falling from her mesmerizing, brown eyes.

    Ashton grabbed her by her waist and pulled her onto his lap. She grabbed his shirt, tightly.  "It wasn't my fault... I promise it wasn't." She cried her innocent eyes out. "It's okay. You did nothing wrong, whomever blamed you can fuck off." He said. She let out a content sigh, looking up at the blonde. "Hey, no swearing." She giggled, before cracking a small smile. "Hey, you smiled. A true smile." He pointed out, before caressing the girl's tanned cheek.

    She looked up at his hypnotizing hazel eyes. She could have sworn that she got lost within them. She crashed the boy's walls. She could tell, because before, she couldn't see any emotion. They were unreadable, but now, it seems like she could write a book series about his eyes. They had so much story within them. So much, passion and care. They also had an emotion that she hasn't experienced in a long, long time. Love. They had so much love in them, but like always, there is something else. Something she knows far too well. Broken, shattered, and sadness. There is something so deep in his hazel orbs that she knew she had to know. She had to know just like the boy had to know about her. They needed to know each other. They were intrigued by one another.

   The information she had just found out about, led her to hug the blonde, tightly. Ashton was confused at her actions, but he still felt comfort. "You know, you need a hug too." The boy looked at her, once again, confused. "What do you mean?" He asked the brunette sitting on his lap. "I crashed your walls and you need comfort as well. I can see it in those beautiful eyes of yours." She responded. "What do you see?" She stood quiet, thinking of what to say, but in the end she wanted to leave it in suspense or mystery she should say. "That's for me to know and for you to find out, later on." She responded.

   The curly haired boy looked at her, placing his hand over his chest acting like he was hurt. "I'm totally not offended. Thanks for asking." He said. The girl though he had been joking, felt guilty. So, She hugged him and apologized. "I was joking." The boy responded, chuckling at the girl. She beamed at him, while she giggled. "You are adorable. Did you know that?" Kaelyn looked up at him, with loving eyes. "No I'm not. You are a different story though..." She mumbled that last statement. "Really? What am I? And I mean it you are gorgeous!" He exclaimed. Kaelyn gave up on the boy, but nonetheless responded the boy's question. "You are absolutely Beautiful and just - words can't explain." She said with a huge white-toothed grin on her face.

   Blush on her heated cheeks. "No I am Not! You are." He said, blushing. "Whatever Ashy." She responded. The boy smiled at the girl's nickname for him. He didn't want the moment to end. She was smiling! That just made his day. Seeing her smile. She looked even more beautiful when she smiled. He wanted to know what scared the girl, in her night terror, but he didn't want to ruin the moment, by talking about something that obviously sadden the wavy-haired girl. He looked at Kaelyn's eyes that he never got tired of looking at. She looked up at him with a smile. He just couldn't stop feeling, happy. He made the girl that still sat on his lap smile.

   He looked down at her plump, pink lips. They looked so soft and just so damn kissable. He didn't realize he was leaning in until he saw Kaelyn leaning in as well. You know that feeing? That feeling of accomplishing a goal. A goal that could seem so, so small to everyone else, but to you, seemed so damn big. That's how it felt to kiss her plump lips. He smiled into the kiss and in instinct, he placed his Large, yet soft hands on the girl's waist. She placed her hand around the blonde's neck, smiling into the long-lasting kiss. She whined a bit when Ashton pulled away to breath. They both panted in unison. Her face was so heated in blush. Ashton could not stop the smiled that had formed on his face. Those deep and beautiful dimples showing to there biggest capability.

   The girl smiled at his cuteness. "That was the best kiss I've ever had." The boy breathed out, still panting from their previous actions. "hat was better than I expected my first kiss to be." She mumbled, almost inaudible, but the boy managed to hear her small and adorable, voice. "Now, I'm even more happy." He said to the girl that was still blushing from embarrassment. "And why is that?" She asked. "Well, because I'm didn't just make you smile. I made you smile, Made you laugh, and I was your first kiss." He smiled widely and she just hid her face in the crook of his defined neck. "don't shy away from me. There is nothing to be embarrassed about. I'm happy." He cooed at Kaelyn.

    "Now let's go to bed." He suggested. The brunette quickly shot her head up, with wide eyes. "No..." she stated. "Why not, love." Ashton responded, with a confused expression on his face. "I'm going to have another night terror. I don't want to have another, ashy." She shakily responded. "oh don't worry. I'm here. I won't let you go. I will hold you through the night." He responded. "Promise?" She said, sticking her pinky up. "Promise." He said, wrapping his long pink around the girl small pinky. He quickly tucked the girl next to him, holding her close, like he promised the brunette girl. He placed a quick kiss on the girl's tanned cheek. "Goodnight, Love." He said to her, in a sweet voice. "Night, Ashy." She responded in a sleepy and tired voice. He brought her even closer and pressed a second kiss to the girl's forehead this time. His eyes becoming heavier as he felt familiar lips kiss his cheeks. He smiled sweetly at the gesture and fell asleep.


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