The Forgotten Voice

Kaelyn was a happy girl. She walked around with a meaningful white-toothed smile. She loved life. She never thought she would hate her life, until one faithful night. One day she came home to be motherless and had a deadbeat father. She hated that day. She got a beating by father that day. She got blamed for everything happening. She hated life after that. She hated the idea of being happy again because she knew that if she got too happy, everything would go down hill after that. She didn't want to take any risks. She moved away from her father's house and she got her own. No one at school noticed her. She was forgotten. Or so she thought. Ashton noticed her and now he has made it his life goal to make her forgotten voice be heard again and to make her smile again.


3. Chapter three...

 Kaelyn awoke smelling the sweet, strong cologne, that Ash wore. The cologne's sweet smell, being her knew oxygen. Without Ash, she doesn't know if she will live. She felt his chest up against her face. She opened her eyes slowly and looked up to see Ashton sound asleep. His light snoring was adorable, almost sounded like a loving lullaby that hypnotized her to sleep. She felt the pattern of his breathing. She smiled up at Ashton as she gracefully swiped her finger along his jawline. He crinkled his nose up, lightly, like a small bunny. She stifled a  giggle, so she wouldn't awake Ash from his deep, deep slumber. She placed her head on his chest once more. She heard his heartbeat. It was a sound that sounded foreign to her. It was such a beautiful sound. She honestly thought that the boy literally had music playing in his heart. Maybe she is exaggerating, but one thing is for sure. The new found rhythm, became her favourite beat. She reached for his hand and laced it with her own. His hands being so much bigger than hers. His fingertips were slightly calloused from what she assumed was for playing the guitar. Though the skin was rough, to her it was soft and comforting in a way. She felt vulnerable. Not because she had opened up to him the day before, but because she felt like she depended on him. That life would never be the same if he were to leave. It was bizarre, how close you could become with someone you literally just met. She never thought she would have to depend on anyone. Especially someone she had just met. It seemed surprising to her. She never thought that she would ever trust someone... EVER! It seemed ridiculous to her because she never trusted anyone before him and no one after her parents. Her face dropped as she remembered them. She remembered the night terror from last night. She promises that she didn't do anything wrong. In the night terror, she was running away from her father that had been drunk and chasing her with his belt. He was blaming her for her mother leaving them. She kept telling him it wasn't her fault, but he didn't care. He just kept chasing her and chasing her. Until, she tripped and he beat her. She felt the sting just remembering that scene in her mind. Her eyes were letting go of tears and she didn't even realize. Ashton had woken up with a smile on his face, until he saw her crying. His heart immediately ached for her. he reached for her chin, making her look up at him. "What's wrong, love?" He asked. The small sob that escaped her, made him realize that mending her heart won't be easy, but he is not planning to give up. Never in a million years. "I-I rem-embered the n-night t-terror." She said between sniffles. He sat up a little, before reaching for the girl and placing her on his lap. She on instinct, hugged him and grabbed on to his shirt. "What happened in the night terror?" He asked, hopping Kaelyn would tell him. There was a silence so silent that if it stayed long enough, you could possibly go insane. "He chased me and beat me..." Kaelyn said with a pained tone in her whisper. Ashton felt his blood boil. Who the hell beat her in real life. "Who did?" Ash asked. "My father." She answered. That is when realization hit Ashton. That is why she got her own house. "Oh love." He said. Holding on to the girl, tightly. She held on to Ashton as well, sobbing into his chest. He soothed circles into the small of her back. "I'm sorry Ashton." She said, as she cried more and more. "Why are you apologizing?" He asked the girl that still cried. "Because we barely know each other and I keep crying on you like as if I've known you for a really long time." She said. "So, I kissed you and I don't know you that well and guess what?" Ash said with a smile. "What?" she said. "I don't regret a thing." He said with a smile. She smiled up at him with tears still in her eyes. Ash kissed Kaelyn's tear away. "Don't ever apologize for crying because crying is not a crime. If anything I am happy that you trust me enough to let me hold your emotions and help you." Ash told the now sniffling girl. He grabbed a piece of her brown hair that was sticking out and curled behind her ear. He caress Kaelyn's cheeks that were rosy, red color. He brought her hand behind her neck and looked at her eyes then her lips. He inched closer to beautiful face. Kaelyn's face becoming redder by the second as they got closer. He kissed her for a second time since they met and he did not lie. He didn't regret a thing and he knew that she didn't either. Something in his gut told him that she didn't. After they pulled away fro the long lasting kiss, he looked into her eyes and saw a small glint. Something he hadn't seen in someone eyes. EVER. He was mesmerized by the glint in her eyes for some reason. She looked deep into his eyes, feeling lost within them, like always. She closed her eyes and when she did, Ashton didn't see the glint anymore. He kind of missed it. "I don't regret that one either." He panted, while smiling. She smiled and hugged Ashton. "Come on. Lets get ourselves some breakfast and then we can get cleaned up." She nodded and headed down the stairs. Ashton sat on the bed for a while thinking, how did he get so lucky to be born at the same generation as this beautiful girl.


A/n: Sorry for the shitty chapter. I tried. Sorry if there are any typos.  

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