The Forgotten Voice

Kaelyn was a happy girl. She walked around with a meaningful white-toothed smile. She loved life. She never thought she would hate her life, until one faithful night. One day she came home to be motherless and had a deadbeat father. She hated that day. She got a beating by father that day. She got blamed for everything happening. She hated life after that. She hated the idea of being happy again because she knew that if she got too happy, everything would go down hill after that. She didn't want to take any risks. She moved away from her father's house and she got her own. No one at school noticed her. She was forgotten. Or so she thought. Ashton noticed her and now he has made it his life goal to make her forgotten voice be heard again and to make her smile again.


1. Chapter one...

   "What happened?" He asked. She looked up at him, through her long mascara-coated eyelashes. She held her breath at his question. She didn't know why she held it, she's just never been asked. She was the girl that everyone would walk right by her, like as if they couldn't see her. like as if you could see right through her sadness, depression, anxiety, and disappointment. They wouldn't say anything. They wouldn't notice her. They just simply saw right through her. The fact this beautiful curly-haired boy was talking to her, was a shock.

    "What do you mean?" She asked. He looked at her. He was shocked at how beautiful her voice sounded. She was beautiful herself. "Who made you hate yourself? Who made you start self harming? Who made you move away from your parent's house?  Who made you stop?" He asked. She stood quiet. She looked down at her cloth-covered wrists. The scars on her arm being her proof that she gave up on herself. She lost the battle, like her deadbeat father said to her, that faithful night.

   "What do you mean, stop?" He looked at her fondly. He loved her way of  trying to get around the question. He tried to make it more simple. "Let me rephrase," He began. "Who made you stop, singing? Who made you stop, talking? Who made you stop, writing? Who made you stop, loving? Who made you stop, being yourself? Who made you stop?" He reiterated. She looked up. She felt her eyes giving out on her. He was hurting at the sight in front of his hard shell. He wouldn't admit that he was a sad boy in the inside. He has a hard time letting anyone in since his father left. Seeing her curled up in a ball crying, pained the hazel-eyed boy. Seeing this beautiful, wavy-haired girl, bawling her beautiful brown eyes out.

    She let out a chocked sob before looking up from her tear-covered knees. She answered with a pained tone in her voice. "I'm a disappointment." The curly-haired boy, looked down at her. "But, you aren't." He said confidently. "Yes I am. Why do you think I'm like this?" She looked into his eyes, trying to find something. Just one single thing, but his eyes, like always, were unreadable. They were blank. Nothing to see.  Like as if there was no emotion at all. Nothing. "I'm just going to say goodbye." She continued. That's all that it took to break the walls of the boy in front of her broken figure. "N-no... You can't... There is always a reason to live." He began as he cried into his large hands. "What about your family?" He said in a broken voice, after pulling his hands away from his face.

   "They are the reason why I'm like this. They don't care... They never did." She said, hugging her knees to her chest once more, sobbing. She didn't want to see him cry, but here she was. Letting go of tears and watching the hazel-eyed boy, crying his eyes out. "I have no reason to live. I'm a disappointment to everyone." She continued to sob into her knees. "You aren't to everyone. At least not me." He said, sincerity heard within his tone.

    She looked up, scoffing before continuing. "You probably don't care. You just feel pity for me."  She said. The curly-haired boy, looked at her with disbelief painted on his tanned face. "What? How could I feel pity, if I don't know what happened? I don't know what people have done to you for you to think that, but I can tell you one thing. I don' t play with hearts and feelings like that, Kaelyn." He responded. Her eyes went wide. "How do you know my name?" She asked. "I know because I noticed and care about you. By the way, the name is Ashton." He once again responded.

    "Ashton, I'm not trying to come off as rude, but how do you know all the things I stopped doing?" He looked into her eyes, which were welled up with tears. "Because," He began. "I want to be your reason." "My reason for what?" She asked confused. Ashton looked down at the girl that was still sitting on the floor of her room. Blush showed on his cheeks, as he spoke. "Your reason to wanting to live and love again." The hazel-eyed boy responded. "What makes you think that I stopped loving?" Kaelyn asked, trying to hold back a waterfall of tears. "I can see the walls you have built and I want to be the one to crash them down." He cried softly before continuing. "But, you don't let anyone in."

    "I don't let anyone in, because when I do, I always get hurt." She responded. She felt her heart hurt at the feeling. She wanted to let him in, but she was scared of being left alone again. She is scared of being broken. She's broken already, but she doesn't want to be mended just to be broken again. It wasn't worth it to her.

    "I just don't want to live anymore." She finally spoke as she brought her knees up to her chest once more. "Don't say that... You don't need them. I will try my hardest to make you happy. Let me make you smile again." He stated, as he wiped his cheeks that were drowned with his tears. "I do smile. See?" She said, smiling. " They're not meaningful like they use to be. You fake your smiles." she stood quiet. She can't deny that. it's true.

    She doesn't know what lead her to sob. Maybe, its the fact that this boy that she just met, knows her more than anyone else. Shit, as far as she can tell, he knows her more than she knows herself. She didn't know she had stopped smiling, until he brought it to her attention. She has this feeling of comfort. He makes her feel safe. That is a feeling she wants to stay around forever.

    It's like he read her mind because, he hugged her. He brought his lips near her ear. "I will keep you safe from whomever did this to you. For as long as I can." Her heart did flips at his words. She couldn't contain her tears. She let them all go on his chest. She let go of incoherent apologize. "shsh. It's okay. let go of them all. I'm here." he whispered as he picked her up and placed her on the bed. He got in with her and brought her close. Kaelyn just kept sobbing into Ashton's chest. She grabbed onto his shirt, tightly. "It's okay...I won't ever let you go." He whispered. Her eyes became heavier as the minutes passed. The light in her room, becoming dimmer. The last thing she heard before going into a deep slumber, was Ashton's beautiful voice, singing a beautiful melody that she did not recognize as she fell asleep in his comforting arms.

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