Ember always found herself buried in her work, never paying much attention to anything but her future that she has lied out for herself in the fear of failing. She has lived most her life this way ever since a tragic happening and has promised herself to never fall in love. She remains loyal to her promise until a guy walks into her life and changes everything. She no longer knows what to do because of this unexpected event that was never suppose to happen. So she does the only thing she can do which is push him away as much as she can hoping he will go away. But the one trait that Ember and Alexander share exactly is loyalty.


3. Chapter 3

   When the day's work comes to an end, I'm nothing but a nervous wreck with a brain that can no longer function because of Alexander's lingering in head like a taste you just can't seem to get off your tongue. Though this taste is not a bad one....

    Back to the point.

    I go to the only person I know that can help me in this situation and probably knows this person more than I do.


   As soon as the second hand on the clock completes it's full rotation around the clock, I end the little progress I made today and briskly walk over to Skyler's office. I make no small talk or address to her as I sweep by, grabbing her arm as she finishes putting on her jacket and pull her along with me, saying the only thing I can, "We need to talk." She shrieks in surprise as I pull her all the way to a favorite coffee shop of ours that isn't too far from our job which we occasionally go to for a quick lunch or coffee. 

    I sit her down at one of the tables and then sit down opposite of her. I stare at her bewildered face as I slowly open my mouth, thinking of all the ways I can put everything I've been thinking since earlier today until now into words. So I start off small.

    "Do you know Alexander Dusk?"

    "Yeah, isn't he the guy who owns the company we work for?"

    "Yes, but he was also at your party last night."

     "He was? You saw him?"

     "Yeah. In fact I bumped into him, ruining my slice of cake."

     "You sure?"

     "Yes. He even asked if I was if I was a friend of yours and I told him yes. Did you invite him?"

     "No....I don't think so. I'm really not to good with names, but faces do the trick."

      I quickly pull out my phone and go online to search 'Alexander Dusk' in the search bar then tap enter. Within seconds many articles and information pop up about him but I just scan over them and click on the images they have of him. I raise my phone over the table and to Skyler's eyes as she observes the picture carefully. 

    "You know him?"

    "Yeah, I remember seeing him at the party yesterday, but I know him from some where else....Oh! I know where I know him from! We went to the same college and became good buddies. He was the one who would like to let loose with me when it came to the parties but always seemed to work hard in class. No wonder he is like one of the most successful people of today."

    I bring the phone close into my view and look at the picture of him. He doesn't have the same look as he does in real life. His eyes are much softer, his hair a bit lighter, and his posture a lot less rigid. In this picture, he looks like a man of greed and money not like the man I have seen where you could see his compassion and his light-heartedness.

    "Earth to Ember," Skyler says waving her hand lazily around my field of vision, " I've called like 10 times already and you were just gone. What is going? I know you and you aren't like this unless you're really deep in thought about something....Wait a second. Alexander. Deep in thought. Zoning out. Oh. Ooooohhhh! I see now. Somebody has caught-"

    "No! No. No. Don't you start."

     She starts a series of fake sneezes that draws the attention of other customers in the coffee shop before exploding with, " the love sickness. You've got all the symptoms and soon you'll getting even more."

     "I'm not in love-"

      "How would you know my friend? You don't even know when a guy is flirting with you.You don't even know how to flirt!"

     I push my finger hard against my lips and shush her, "The whole world doesn't need to know that."

     She crouches down and whispers, "Sorry. But I am correct. How would you know you're in love when you don't even know the basics?" 

    I shrug my shoulders because it's not my problem to deal with, I'm not going to fall in love. Love is a game and I choose not to play it.

     As if reading my mind (which she has a history of doing), she says, "Love is not a game and you can't just choose if you play it or not. Once your in, you're in and it's so hard break it's hold on you. And even after, you're slightly broken whether your the heart breaker or the victim. Love is not easy, two forces must work at it for it to work properly but it doesn't mean you should give it up so easily because when the time is right, you'll be glad that you took the risk."

     I'm mind blown by the words of wisdom she shares with me. It's quite rare when she shares her wisdom with me or with anyone in general. I guess it's because nobody can take her seriously since she likes to joke around a lot and to just have fun.

    She then adds, "Know I'm not doing this for me, I know you will be happy once it turns out right. I only want the best for you and a life where your sad eyes are not normal for you. And I want you to see that there are many people who truly think you are worthy of something and the right guy will see you and appreciate you for who you are no matter how many times you try to run away and hide. Though you don't need a man to show you that, it seems like it might work since you won't listen to your family or me-"

    I work my way around the table and hug Skyler acting as if I were a kid again and afraid to let go and afraid of losing, myself or her. I feel hot tears run down my cheek and down onto her shoulder as I feel her arms wrap around me. She whispers, "Know Ember that I love you and will always be here for you when you need me....And please. Please, please, please, please don't do anything stupid. The sad look in your eyes gets so bad that it seem like you're tempted, but please....don't."

    I begin to cry even harder into her shoulder because I never knew if anybody could see it, I thought I hid it all this time. I have never wanted to hurt anybody, but it just seems like the thing only I can do.

   Skyler guides me to the ladies room where I finish crying and then fix myself up. When we exit the bathroom, we go over to the counter to order us to-go coffee cups. As soon as they are ready, we grab them and leave the shop to then go to our cars to go home. Before going our separate ways, I tell her one last thing.

    "Tonight I'm having dinner with Alexander."

     "Well isn't that quick!"

     "It's not a date. He going to discuss new job opportunities and benefits with me."

      "Date or not, I'm going to be expecting a call from you explaining all the details right after."

     "Okay but it's probably going to be really boring...."

     But the night is going to be the least amount of boring for both Alexander and Ember. 






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