Ember always found herself buried in her work, never paying much attention to anything but her future that she has lied out for herself in the fear of failing. She has lived most her life this way ever since a tragic happening and has promised herself to never fall in love. She remains loyal to her promise until a guy walks into her life and changes everything. She no longer knows what to do because of this unexpected event that was never suppose to happen. So she does the only thing she can do which is push him away as much as she can hoping he will go away. But the one trait that Ember and Alexander share exactly is loyalty.


2. Chapter 2


    The man from Skyler's party stands in front of me with a white glow around him against the dark scene. I lay on the ground covered in dirt, cuts and scrapes mark my body with blood oozing from each of them, as tears soak my face. With barely any energy left, I continue to keep my eyes open as he extends his arm and hand towards me, to help me. I try to hear what he is saying repeatedly but my hearing is fading just like my life.

   "....trust me....hold on just a bit longer-"

    My vision becomes so blurry that I can no longer see, my hearing fades away to nothing, and the world becomes dark and I can feel myself fading from this world.


    The sound of my alarm rings in the distance and I know it was just a dream.


     I rise slowly from my bed to turn on the lights, I shield my eyes from the lights until they get used to the light change. I rub my face with my hands for a little bit and place them down on the bed for me to examine to ensure that this is truly reality. It's something my mom had taught me because the realness of my dreams scared me as child. The test is a success as I look deeply at the engraved lines on my hands making me notice how many of these lines have developed over time because many of the minor lines were never there as a child but seem to have grown there with time. I ball up my hands and turn them over, afraid of what I might find if I stare too long at something that will lead me to somewhere I don't want to be.

    I stand up from my bed and grab the water bottle from my nightstand to take a few long gulps. I place the cap back on the bottle and make my way to the bathroom for a shower. While in the shower I push away any thoughts of the dream. I even push away the dream, acting as if it never happened and focus on what's really important. The presentation. I can't have any distractions or else I'll mess up this chance.

    I shut off the water to immediately get dressed then go into the kitchen, grabbing myself a muffin and a water bottle before heading out the door. On my way there, I prepare myself mentally about what is about to happen. 




    "Hey Skyler, how was last night after I left?" I ask approaching Skyler as she makes herself a coffee.

    "It was great, but would've been better if you stuck around longer," she says taking a sip of her coffee but then making a bitter face, she makes a quick move to add in cream.

   " I'm sorry," I say looking down at the ground.

   "It's fine. You'll make up for it once our training starts," she says taking a cautious sip from her coffee to then make a satisfied face at her cup. As I begin to turn away, she makes one last remark, "Are you nervous?"

   I turn around and ask, "What?"

   "Are you nervous? There's been rumors going around saying that the main boss is actually sitting in on the presentation," she explains as she shrugs her shoulders.

    My eyes go wide as I exclaim, "I hope it's just a rumor. Why would he want to sit in on a presentation for an small employee like me?"

    "Let's be real here. You're this company's best worker, so you've done this company some justice in growth, so why not sit in on the presentation of an employee like you? Don't make yourself so small when really you probably doing better work than the top advisers. The boss sees that and doesn't want to loose you in some petty position which you could easily quit once you realize you're not getting the money you deserve. That's why everyone knows you're going to get the position and maybe a higher position than you actually think."

   I am speechless and unsure of what to do or even think. But I do the only thing I can do which is deny any of this.

   "Nope. None of this can actually be true. I'm going to go now," I say turning away quick to make my way to the bathroom where I splash my water against my face to calm my nerves. I check the time on my watch, seeing that I have to go to present. I then grab a paper towel, dry my face, then make my way out the door and to the assigned office. I begin setting up my information as some people begin sitting down at the oval table that holds 10 people. 

    When everything is set up, I take a few deep breathes and a sip from my water bottle. I notice 9 seats are taken and one is left open. I look at the time again, knowing it's my starting time and begin presenting. Five minutes into the presentation, a person walks into the room apologizing for their lateness. When I turn around to see the person, we lock eyes with each other, recognizing each other from the night before. At Skyler's party. The man who I bumped into and mushed my cake. My cake.... 

  I see him more properly in the light that is coming through the big windows to see his dirty blonde hair, his safe brown eyes, and tall structure that seem to set fire to my brain. He seems to freeze like the night before, but this time recognizing me from the night before. We both seem to recover at the same time as he then makes his way to his seat quietly, without anymore distractions.

    Before I continue my presentation, flashes of the dream I had about him pops up into my brain, but I push them away quickly and continue as best as I can. His eyes follow me with every movement I make, making my nerves worse and I begin to stutter. But I then close my eyes and compose myself once more, making my brain focus on what's really important and finish my presentation without any more screw ups.

    When it's over they begin to ask my questions about little things which I answer without a problem. Last but not least the man from last night asks me some questions about the company, what I do, and what I would do to help the company grow successfully. 

    "Alright, you're all dismissed but not ....Ember Rome," the man from last night says looking down at his papers. Everyone files out of the room as I stay standing up waiting for whatever is next.

    "You can sit down if you want," he says pointing down at the chair in front of him as he flips through the pages of his.

    I carefully place my weight in the chair that he pointed to. He then finds a paper and pulls it out of the pile then looks me straight in eyes to then extend his hand towards me. I place my hand in his, giving him a firm shake as he says, "It's nice to meet you Ember Rome. I'm Alexander Dusk and I'm the owner of this company and I would like to discuss some new opportunities for you. I've seen all of your work and you've proved to be an outstanding worker for this company, so it's only right that you get a higher position with better benefits and pay."

   Skyler was right.

  We let go of the handshake and I hide my nervous hand underneath the table with my other hand that lies in my lap.

  "I would like to discuss this more in depth right now but I have a meeting within 25 minutes and it's a long drive, so I can make an arrangement for more information on the topic to be discussed tonight over dinner if you're available. If not, you may have to wait two weeks for a rescheduling date. So are you available?" 


  "Alright, I have an email sent over to you about the details for tonight and I guess I'll see you later tonight," he says standing up from his seat. I rise too from my seat as we share one last handshake before his departure. 

    Alexander Dusk, eh?


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