Total Recall

The aftermath effects of Kixi's successful attempts in altering time using knowledge from the Orb of Passage continues to effect the now Jedi Knight Kixi Rajki. Through dreams and nightmares, she constantly feels the harsh and dramatic effects of her own actions continuously for many years after. Not knowing or understanding the reason for these disturbances, except that the events appear to have happened somewhere in her life, in some sort of future-past that feels so vivid, that she actually strangely feels that she has lived them already. With no one truly able to assist her, consequently Kixi is left to her own means to slowly unravel the mystery that has haunted her mind for years. Finally though, a breakthrough, while on a mission at the heart of Sith controlled Coruscant, by fate and the will of the Force, she encounters a ghost from her would be future-past, who ultimately proves vital in her first steps in remembering, and unlocking the secrets of her now altered future-past.


4. Prologue


The MXS Morihei Ueshiba, Kixi's own battleship streaked through the distorted space known as hyperspace en-route to Coruscant. She had been sent there by the Silver Sanctum Coalition on a mission to investigate illegal slavery. The Force thus far had guided her to Coruscant. Her mission was to locate the slaves, wherever they might be, free them and possibly apprehend the actual slave boss and then arrest him or her. Initially she was reluctant to take on this mission, however Kixi had been experiencing for some time now, visions that had come to her spontaneously while either conscious or in her sleep as nightmares. These disturbances were of things that appeared to have happened in her life, in a future past that she felt so real, that she had actually felt that she had lived them already. Many times she had tried to shrug these off as being pure mind tricks.
She had been through a lot in the past few years. Kixi had sought help. She found the Silver Sanctum Coalition and in particular, the Order of the Silver Jedi. She sought guidance and further training to her Jedi path, which she received with open arms. However even with all this, and with the guidance and training of her own Jedi Master Coci Heavenshield, no one could fathom why these visions of darkness kept appearing. At best, all they could do, was to remedy the problem, which had helped Kixi in many ways since now she could at least control her emotions. However it still wasn't enough. Kixi desperately sought an answer as to why this had been occurring and what it all meant. Surely it all had to mean something. The occurrences were simply too frequent and what she was experiencing had always been the same. Her Master Coci had strongly encouraged Kixi to partake in this mission. Although Coci had not been able to solve Kixi's problem with her visions, she did believe that this mission may in fact hold some key and vital answers to what Kixi desperately sought.
With the upcoming mission, she had sensed a connection through the Force. A calling so to speak. She felt that this mission that she was undertaking, boring as it may sound had some form of connection to all these dark visions and feelings she was spontaneously experiencing. At least hold some vital clues anyway. After all, she recalled from her many nightmares, a large Trandoshan creature who was some sort of slaver. For reasons known only through her connection with the Force, she was certain that the slaver she was looking for, was a Trandoshan, and possibly with almost perfect certainty, the Trandoshan in her visions.
Her ship finally reached the Sith controlled Coruscant system. She had to tread lightly on her mission. Her ship type was rare and actually the only one of its kind in the Galaxy. At least as far as Kixi was aware of. Her ship hopefully wouldn't be attracting too much or any unwanted attention, as long as Kixi and her crew made it so by laying low which they most certainly intended on doing so.
Coruscant, a heavily populated planet in which the entire planet was one big mega city on its own, with levels upon levels of civilisations and cultures. From here she would use the Force to guide her. Just as she had done so from the beginning of this mission. Her feelings directed her to one small and very much insignificant bar within the billions of inhabitants and travellers that comprised Coruscant. The Fat Mynock Bar & Grill. Kixi would gather her elite team of warriors which comprised of her right hand man, Braj'tec Qarr, who would accompany her to the actual bar, and then her other two, Zasalamel Xiz'te'menel, her mentor and bodyguard, and lastly, Kes En'jusek, a woman who had served as her own personal spy and when the times had called, her own personal assassin. The latter two, Zasalamel and Kes wound not enter the bar with her. They would simply hang around near it, like two total strangers, and remain on high alert for when their services were inevitably required.

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