Total Recall

The aftermath effects of Kixi's successful attempts in altering time using knowledge from the Orb of Passage continues to effect the now Jedi Knight Kixi Rajki. Through dreams and nightmares, she constantly feels the harsh and dramatic effects of her own actions continuously for many years after. Not knowing or understanding the reason for these disturbances, except that the events appear to have happened somewhere in her life, in some sort of future-past that feels so vivid, that she actually strangely feels that she has lived them already. With no one truly able to assist her, consequently Kixi is left to her own means to slowly unravel the mystery that has haunted her mind for years. Finally though, a breakthrough, while on a mission at the heart of Sith controlled Coruscant, by fate and the will of the Force, she encounters a ghost from her would be future-past, who ultimately proves vital in her first steps in remembering, and unlocking the secrets of her now altered future-past.


11. Epilogue


Kixi had required intensive medical treatment which she received by her ship's chief medical officer, Doctor Nina Bella on their journey back to Republic territory. She had been relieved of duty while she recovered. Doctor's orders, which she didn't object to. She needed time to herself, to think, meditate and reflect. The revelation that she had used the Orb of Passage to alter a part of her timeline was a lot to take in. But at least now, those nightmares she had had, those images that had felt real, as if it really had happened but she wasn't sure that they did had stopped, or at least for the most part subsided. They had indeed occurred, but in a now altered reality from the one she was in now, or the actual reality. All for the good. The memories would remain as a reminder, but at least now she knew what it all was. Well not quite all, but most certainly a huge chunk of the puzzle. As she reflected and meditated, she realised just how much she loved Mako.  After all that quest to find and use the Orb of Passage had been ultimately to save Mako. 
As she finished meditating she looked at herself in the mirror. She looked as beautiful as she ever did. Except now she had a line marking below her left eye. Her chief medical officer had been able to place it there in the form of a facial body marking or tattoo, to hide the scar that had been inflicted by the Trandoshan Vinskk Revamp. It would serve her as a constant reminder of who and what she was, and the Jedi of the light that she had become.

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