Total Recall

The aftermath effects of Kixi's successful attempts in altering time using knowledge from the Orb of Passage continues to effect the now Jedi Knight Kixi Rajki. Through dreams and nightmares, she constantly feels the harsh and dramatic effects of her own actions continuously for many years after. Not knowing or understanding the reason for these disturbances, except that the events appear to have happened somewhere in her life, in some sort of future-past that feels so vivid, that she actually strangely feels that she has lived them already. With no one truly able to assist her, consequently Kixi is left to her own means to slowly unravel the mystery that has haunted her mind for years. Finally though, a breakthrough, while on a mission at the heart of Sith controlled Coruscant, by fate and the will of the Force, she encounters a ghost from her would be future-past, who ultimately proves vital in her first steps in remembering, and unlocking the secrets of her now altered future-past.


8. Chapter 4


Kixi stared at the Trandoshan in shock and in disbelief. Disbelief that she had still allowed him to grab her so quickly and pull her into his ship while her three best warriors had had him surrounded. Her gash under her left eye which had only been inflicted moments ago by the Trandoshan, stung as the warm blood from the wound oozed out. He had repeatedly beat her up to force her onto the ground, where she had struggled against the brute strength of the lizard creature. Had it not been for her own personal protective force shield, he would've by now, had ripped her apart with his own claws and slashed her throat. This was of course on top of strangling her. Her shield had now failed. She was weak and vulnerable due to the excessive and repeated beating she had just experienced. She could barely stand as she clung onto the frame of ship's door. She coughed and even spat blood from her mouth as she did so. She locked gazes with him. He was no doubt going to kill her. There was no talking her way out of this one. Not after she had just been responsible for killing five of his best men.
How ironic she thought. She could've have killed him only minutes ago. Kes her personal spy and assassin had cursed at her for not doing so, and yet here she was now, at the Trandoshan's mercy who would clearly show none back at her. Ironic indeed. If alternate timelines were to still count, this would be the second time now she had spared him only to once again be at his mercy again. The last time she had had a plan and escaped, but now.......
"You're fucking dead space witch. I'm going to enjoy tearing your body apart. Your head will make me an awesome trophy and serve as a reminder for anyone who dares challenge me again in the future."
The words angrily came out of Vinskk's mouth. Kixi decided to speak, although she was coughing a lot of blood and the sheer effort of speaking had become a total struggle.
"Wa wa wait!" She struggled to say as she put one arm and hand up at the Trandoshan.
"Hear me out. I could've killed both you and your head man, but I spared you both. Repay me the favour. Pleeeeease."
She sounded as if she were begging or pleading for her life simply because she was. A few minutes ago it was her that had his life at her mercy. How quickly the situation had changed. And it wasn't looking too bright for her either.
"Loo, loo, look at me. You have already beaten me up, you've virtually won. I've lost all my pride and have been shamed. Let me go."
She now put her hand on her chest which hurt like hell as she spoke and coughed. She was in agony with nowhere to go. She moved her head a fraction to look out the door. Wind blew at her blonde hair to the side as she looked down. The ship had risen a least a kilometre in the air by now. Her three elite warriors below looked like small specs, no longer able to aid her.
Her other hand and arm was wrapped around a handle on the outside of the door frame, she now did the same with the other. She looked like a little girl, hurt and helpless against the predator who stood before her. Half her body hung out from the ship, now at least a good 1.5 kilometres in the air. The wind continued to blow her hair to one side and strongly against her face. It felt like it had some weight behind it making her body ache even more, and making holding on an even greater struggle.
"You should've killed me when you had had the chance then." The Trandoshan laughed at her.
"Look at at you, you're pathetic. You cry like a little girl and squeal like a rat. I'm going to so enjoy killing you slowly and painfully you worthless piece of shit!"

Kixi looked down at the ground again, and back up at the Trandoshan. Then she looked down once more and back up.
"You wanna jump out you fucking troll?" The Trandoshan laughed even louder.
"Be my guest. You're gonna be a dead witch anyway!"
The Trandoshsn began closing in on Kixi, his sharp claws out ready to grab her, and throw her back inside so he could then slowly rip her apart. He would first dig into her body with his sharp claws and make her feel pain, then he would gut her, and finally he would slit her throat and make sure she was dead by holding his hand on her mouth and nose, and strangle what ever last breath she might have left in her. From there he would cut off her head as a trophy. He was going to enjoy this as he watched his pray helplessly before him. She almost looked as if she were crying.
"You brought this one upon yourself Jeedai. You have only yourself to blame."
Kixi could read his evil thoughts, she was going to die with all certainty if she didn't jump. Now easily well over two kilometres high, she had no choice. Whatever energy she had left, she would call on the Force to try to slow down or break her fall. The choice was now simple. Don't jump and be slain at the hands of the Trandoshan. Jump and possibly survive. She gave the Trandoshan a look of hate and disdain.
"You may have won the battle, but you won't win the war. This isn't over. I will hunt you down to the edges of the galaxy if I have to."
As Kixi spoke those words, the Trandoshan leaped at her, both claws out to finally silence her, but Kixi let go of the handle she was holding and allowed herself to free fall towards the ground far below her. She plunged towards the ground to what for most people would have meant certain death. However with the Force, Kixi still had a remote fighting chance to survive.
The falling distance was probably far too great a distance for her to be able to slow down from in her deteriorated state. Normally it wouldn't have been a problem, but the Trandoshan had repeatedly beaten her up. She had already used up most of her energies to barely survive that altercation. She continued to free fall, picking up tremendous speeds, while the wind smashed violently in her face. And then there it was. Mako's D5-Mantis. It was flying up towards her. Her odds of surviving the fall had suddenly drastically improved.

The distance between the two ships, that is the one she had just jumped out from and Mako's were only around 50 metres apart. Much easier to slow down from, than the more than two kilometres she originally had fallen from. Mako could see her falling towards her. She initiated a reverse course and slowly began descending down. This was to further help soften Kixi's landing on the ship. Kixi closed her eyes and concentrated heavily on the Force with whatever energy she had left in her. She managed to slow down the fall to around 40 kph, on a ship that was descending downwards in in the same direction at around 30 kph. Therefore the impact speed of Kixi's body hitting the ship was only at around 10 kph as she violently rolled around on the ship's surface to further break her fall. She was about to fall off the ship as a result, but Braj'tec was there waiting on top of the ship for her, grabbing her just in the nick of time. Mako stopped her gradual descent and kept the ship hovering as Braj'tec slowIy carried Kixi back into the ship from the small hatch in which he had come out from.
Braj'tec took Kixi in to the small infirmary on board Mako's D5-Mantis, as the ship abruptly shot skywards in pursuit of the Trandoshan's ship. There in the infirmary, an emergency medical droid immediately attended to Kixi's wounds. Kes was present, as Braj'tec now in command of the mission instructed her to stay with Kixi and the medical droid. He quickly then made his way to the Phantom Chaser's cockpit where Zasalamel sat in the co-pilot's seat next to Mako.

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