Total Recall

The aftermath effects of Kixi's successful attempts in altering time using knowledge from the Orb of Passage continues to effect the now Jedi Knight Kixi Rajki. Through dreams and nightmares, she constantly feels the harsh and dramatic effects of her own actions continuously for many years after. Not knowing or understanding the reason for these disturbances, except that the events appear to have happened somewhere in her life, in some sort of future-past that feels so vivid, that she actually strangely feels that she has lived them already. With no one truly able to assist her, consequently Kixi is left to her own means to slowly unravel the mystery that has haunted her mind for years. Finally though, a breakthrough, while on a mission at the heart of Sith controlled Coruscant, by fate and the will of the Force, she encounters a ghost from her would be future-past, who ultimately proves vital in her first steps in remembering, and unlocking the secrets of her now altered future-past.


7. Chapter 3


Both Vinsk and Liam Darkgear were on their knees with both hands behind their backs as Kixi paced in a circle around them. Her three elite warriors had their weapons trained on them the whole time.
"If you would allow me to pull out my comm unit so I can contact the Talon, I will fulfill your request Jeedai."
Kixi stopped pacing a good metre shy of where the Trandoshan was standing and nodded in approval. She gave him a distasteful look as she half grinned at him trying to express her superiority. At least she thought she was. However the Trandoshan did unknowingly have one card left to play. Both Braj'tec and even Zasalamel were now getting extremely anxious at the fact regarding Kixi's cockiness. She was only standing a metre from both captives and unnecessarily so. Sure she had the three of them with weapons trained on them, sure she had the Force and sure she had her body energy shield on. However if the Trandoshan decided he had nothing to lose, there really wasn't much to stop him from realistically maiming Kixi before they took him out".
"Free-Eyes come in. Free-Eyes this is Vinskk do you copy?"
Free-Eyes answered the comm promptly as Vinskk explained the situation. During the conversation Free-Eyes also informed the Trandoshan in regards to how their ship had been ambushed and disabled by another ship, and thus why the ground reinforcements he had requested had never arrived.
"So we'll send shuttle Gamma to the coordinates you gave us regarding their ship with all the slaves. This will take at least 20 minutes to get all the slaves on board. I hope that's reasonable." Vinskk held the comm out to Kixi so she could hear it, as Kixi nodded in approval.
"It is."
Vinskk eyed Kixi with pure hatred as he spoke in his comm to confirm Kixi's approval to Free-Eyes. Little did Kixi know however that shuttle Gamma was a code word meaning to dispatch a transport to their location, and to instead ambush Kixi and her warriors. The ship was already nearby. It would actually be Vinskk's ride back to the Talon. The ship was a Pursuer Class Enforcement Ship. Small, but well armed and adequate for the tasks it was designed for. It would sneak up behind Mako's hovering D5-Mantis and disable it. Temporarily at least which would put her out of the playing field for the few minutes that both Vinskk and Darkgear would need to then be able to escape unchallenged. It would then fire shots on the ground near them which would send all three of Kixi's warriors ducking for cover. As for Kixi only standing a metre from him, his intent was to lunge at her, grab her and incapacitate her. Then take her on board his transport and kill her once and for all.
Kixi paced around slowly circling both Vinskk and Darkgear. Again only staying a metre from them. She spoke in ridicules, mocking them both, grinning and laughing as she waited for confirmation that the slaves on board the Talon were being readied on the Shuttle Gamma. Of course that's what she was being lead to believe would be happening.
"Only the Victor can decide what is justice."
Kixi put both hands in the air mockingly as she spoke and made faces at her captives. Braj'tec and the others felt very uneasy regarding Kixi's behaviour. They would've preferred if she had just stood back at a safer distance while they waited for the slave transfer.
"You pathetic Kerr." 
She pointed a finger at the Trandoshan as she kept pacing around him in circles.
"The moment of victory. I love it."
Once again she stopped and put both hands in the air in a mocking manner as she spoke in an almost childish voice chuckling to herself.
Then suddenly she was unexpectedly interrupted. A small ship appeared out of nowhere. It fired several weak ion blasts at Mako's ship, the Phantom Chaser. It caused the ship to suddenly lose power forcing it to land. At the same token, it fired several ion bursts on the ground near where Kixi and the others were standing. As Kixi's three elite warriors instinctively ducked for cover, Kixi who was momentarily off her guard got lunged at from the Trandoshan. He put his powerful arm around her neck, hand on her mouth and forced her on the ground. He tried to snap her neck, however Kixi's body shield was the only thing that had prevented the Trandoshan from succeeding. Kixi struggled in the grip of the powerful Trandoshan's grip. She had tried to take out her lightsabre only to drop it on the ground. She gurgled and struggled for breath. He held her firmly as her body twitched violently but to no avail.
The Pursuer Class Enforcement Ship landed and Darkgear ran and opened the small side door. Vinskk dragged Kixi along with him, arm still wrapped around her neck. He forcefully dragged her on the ship. As she was pushed into the ship, she managed to kick her leg up on the door's control panel that in effect caused the door to stay open. Her kick had been assisted by the Force, and thus strong enough to actually damage the door's controls which prevented the door from being shut.
"Signal the pilot to lift up slowly while that door is still open, and go get the necessary tools to get it shut." Vinskk yelled out to his loyal comrade. 
The ship lifted slowly as Darkgear quickly explained the situation to the pilot and ran to another compartment to get his tools. In the meantime Vinskk held on to Kixi tightly. Arm firmly around her neck as he kept the rest of his body weight on her to keep her on the floor. She couldn't move. Her legs and arms twitched slowly as she struggled and gurgled under his grip. Had it not been for her body shield, she would've been dead by now. However her shield was depleting fast under the stress it was under. If she didn't do something quickly, she would soon be dead all the same.
She slowly felt weaker and weaker. She had had both her arms and hands on the Trandoshan's arm who was pushing down at her neck. Although he couldn't yet strangle her because of her body shield, she could nonetheless feel the pressure of his strength and weight. It still hurt and she was losing strength. Eventually she dropped both arms and hands flat and stretched them out on the floor, twitching slowly for a few more seconds, but that eventually stopped too. She lay limp on the floor, but remained conscious.
Now that she lay limp on the floor, completely helpless and at his mercy, he began to punch her repeatedly in the gut. His punches had some trouble penetrating her body shield, but it worked to further weaken the shield. It also hurt Kixi like hell. She groaned and groaned in pure agony as he hit her again and again. The shield was almost depleted. In fact it was now depleted on her face. The Trandoshan then put the hand he had punched her in the gut with and grabbed her neck, which still had some shielding, and with the arm that previously was wrapped on her neck, used his elbow to smack Kixi's forehead several times. He put one of his knees on her gut to ensure that she wouldn't be able to move. She stopped groaning. He stared down at her blue crystal like eyes. His eyes were filled with nothing more than pure hatred.
"Who's the victor now you stupid slut? Me sees now that laugh no more you do. Soon you'll breathe your last breath you Jeedai scum. This is real justice you murdering troll!"
As he said that Kixi's eyes rolled back. The Trandoshan pulled out a small knife and slashed Kixi under her left eye. She didn't even scream, but rather moved her head slightly to the side and back a few times as blood oozed out from under her left eye where the Trandoshan had slashed at her. She was moments away from falling unconscious. If she did, then death would be an absolute certainly for her.
Although the Trandoshan lay on top of her, one of her arms and hands that were spread across the floor was behind the Trandoshan. Kixi had observed several large containers in the compartment they were in before she had been forced to the ground and held down. She had to get the Trandoshan off of her now, otherwise it would be all over for her. She had to summon the Force now.
Images suddenly flashed through Kixi's mind. In a Sith holding cell, the same Trandoshan guttering a half cyborg version of Mako before her very eyes killing her, and then moving on to kill her. The altered timeline. Vinskk who was looking directly down at Kixi had just witnessed the same images flash through his mind too. They were linked together in that now altered timeline. Vinskk was now setting out what he had not been able to complete previously. That was to eradicate Kixi from existence once and for all.
Concentrating and using the arm and hand that the Trandoshan couldn't see, she slowly lifted several of those containers which then lay suspended in midair. She had to exert a lot of energy just to lift them in the air. Her body shield suddenly failed as the Trandoshan now was able to fully grab her neck and choke her. Kixi began gargling for breath. Then the Trandoshan loosened his grip slightly and spoke.
"You're deserved fate has finally arrived Jeedai space witch. Now you get a taste of your own medicine you murderous slime. Any last words before I finally have the pleasure to end your worthless life?"
As he spoke his words of hatred, the containers that Kixi had hovering hit the Trandoshan on the head and body. He let go of Kixi as a result and stumbled backwards. As he did so, Kixi rolled around and got up. Coughing and in complete pain and agony, she hopped and limped to the door that was stuck open. The ship had risen very high up by now. Kixi noticed a small hold on handle just next to the outside of the door on the ship's body. She grabbed it with one hand and arm for support and stood near the door. At this point Darkgear had returned with the tools to fix the door so it could be closed, only to find his boss Vinskk picking himself up from the floor and Kixi half in and half out the ship's door.

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