Total Recall

The aftermath effects of Kixi's successful attempts in altering time using knowledge from the Orb of Passage continues to effect the now Jedi Knight Kixi Rajki. Through dreams and nightmares, she constantly feels the harsh and dramatic effects of her own actions continuously for many years after. Not knowing or understanding the reason for these disturbances, except that the events appear to have happened somewhere in her life, in some sort of future-past that feels so vivid, that she actually strangely feels that she has lived them already. With no one truly able to assist her, consequently Kixi is left to her own means to slowly unravel the mystery that has haunted her mind for years. Finally though, a breakthrough, while on a mission at the heart of Sith controlled Coruscant, by fate and the will of the Force, she encounters a ghost from her would be future-past, who ultimately proves vital in her first steps in remembering, and unlocking the secrets of her now altered future-past.


5. Chapter 1


Vinskk strode into the Fat Mynock with an empty stomach and a voracious appetite. He made his way to a corner booth, shoving some offworlder hillbilly to the side without so much as a glance. The towering Trandoshan took a seat on the stained, torn seat and ordered a server droid in Dosha to bring his usual, a bowl full of grubs and worms, and a juma on the rocks. He then eyed the patrons of the slightly seedy establishment, stopping slightly on the Mandalorian and the offworlder he bumped into. His worn leather armor jumpsuit squeaked against the chair as he leaned back, thinking about profits and costs of today's special cargo, a live Ewok, imported straight from the Endor system to be sold as a plaything for a Hutt crimelord. His thoughts ran deeper, but he still focused on the environment around him, watching and ready for anything at a moment's notice.
Kixi had only just walked into Fat Mynock Bar & Grill herself. She very rarely travelled alone when it came down to visiting not very respectable places. She was accompanied by Braj'tec Qarr, an older large build man, whom was her right hand warrior. It wasn't that Kixi couldn't hold her own in a scuffle or fight, but the reality was that she was just a fragile woman and having a strong warrior by her side was always more reassuring.
As she walked towards the bar, she was disgusted as she saw a Trandoshan for no good reason knock a young green skin girl to the side as he slowly made his way to a corner booth. "Repulsive lizard creature," she whispered in Braj'tec's ear who nodded in acknowledgement. By the time the two walked where the green skinned girl had been, she had already picked herself up. Kixi walked straight up to her and tapped her on the shoulder.
"Hi there, I hope you are okay and not hurt from that fall. It's unfortunate we have to tolerate animals like him in our society." Kixi said glancing over to the booth where the big Trandoshan had sat down and looked at him disdainfully. He was only about a metre away, as Kixi was clearly trying to make a statement of disapproval. She wasn't concerned at all, having her concealed lightsabre with her, as well as Braj'tec who was towering tall behind her. For some unknown reasons, the Trandoshan looked familiar, but she quickly shrugged off the thought as she hadn't been acquainted with any Trandoshans for as far as she could remember. Turning back at the young green girl, Kixi made sure she was okay, in which she confirmed she was and carried on with her own business.
In the meantime however, Vinskk hissed in disdain at the Human's rude comment. "An animal? Did she just call me an animal?" He quietly murmured to himself. Immediately she had a familiar kind of look about her he thought to himself, almost like he had had a dream of her or something, some faded memory. The Trandoshan shrugged at the occurrence. His meal was placed in front of him by the emotionless server, a still squirming bowl of bugs. He dug in with his talons at the delicious meal before him.
Downing his glass of juma, Vinskk pulled out his datapad and began to type gently, sending a message to a slaver contact in Sleheyron to prep for a large delivery. He was absorbed in the technology, not noting that the tall man that Kixi was with, would soon be within a few metres of him in the adjacent booth.
Kixi couldn't stop but wonder what that Trandoshan was up to. Surely him being a lizard creature spelt being a troublemaker in her eyes. Of course her opinion of his kind was a total discriminative one, even though not totally due to her own ignorance over the subject. After all, she had dealt with similar creatures before, such as the Vistesh from a place far, far away, and even fought a bloody war against them.
She turned her neck a fraction and whispered something to Braj'tec in her naitive tongue, as one just never knew who could be eavesdropping in such a feral place like the bar she was in.
"Try and see what that Trandoshan is up to, what he is doing with that data pad. And be discreet."
Braj'tec nodded slightly in acknowledgement as he first got himself a drink and then slowly walked to the booth adjacent to where the Trandoshan was seated. He discreetly peaked over at the Trandoshan and could see his data pad. The Trandoshan oblivious to the big man adjacent to him continued to type away.
The Trandoshan continued to type away, oblivious to the prying eyes of the Human behind him ordering a drink, as Vinskk grabbed for another handful of grubs and crunched down on them.
Braj'tec could see everything that the Trandoshan was typing. He had an implant in his head that was recording all that he was seeing on the Trandoshan's data pad. He had to be discrete of course, so he didn't dare turn to Kixi to acknowledge that he had possibly found whom she had been looking for. She was a Jedi, and she despised slavery. She was intent on busting the Trandoshan to the authorities. Braj'tec continued sipping his drink and minding his own business, as he continued to note what the Trandoshan was entering on his data pad and would later on report it all to Kixi.
The Trandoshan turned off the datapad and passed in the empty bowl to the server droid, tossing a few credits inside of it as a tip for the chef. Vinskk cracked his neck and for the first time noticed the large Human staring at him. Squinting in distrust, he fished out a earpiece and attached it to his head, creating the possibility of private calls.
Pulling out a comlink, Revamp called Liam Darkgear, his top soldier and most loyal slaver.
The call went out...
Ring, ring...
"What's up, boss?"
Vinskk looked around cautiously, then whispered in Dosha, which Darkgear was fluent in.
"My location. Bring some boys."
Darkgear hung up, not responding as per protocol. They already had their captain's location at all times, so no further communication was necessary.
On the Black Talon, Vinskk's personal slave ship...
Darkgear and 5 men exited the ship, clad in cloaks and hoods, weapons carefully concealed. The Trandoshan's last known location was some dive called the Fat Mynock. They were walking over when the leader spoke up in his light accent.
"We don't know what the captain's into, so go in expecting anything, boys."
The company proceeded while Vinskk sat in his booth, senses on high alert. His blaster holster was already discreetly unclasped, ready for the slightest danger to begin opening fire.
Braj'tec ignored the Trandoshan who suddenly noticed him standing behind him. He only moved slightly acting all innocent.
"Excuse me," he said politely and moved a metre or so away from him. He observed the Trandoshan putting an ear piece on and that he could no longer tap into what he was doing or saying. Braj'tec was an experienced militant. He knew the Trandoshan had suspected something and had probably called for backup.
Braj'tec still not dared look at Kixi. Instead he proceeded with what she would expect him to do next. Zasalamel, Kixi's adviser, mentor and bodyguard, an even bigger man than Braj'tec, was standing innocently talking to Kes, a woman who was Kixi's personal assassin just outside the entrance to the bar. The 2 were talking outside pretending to be two strangers who had just met. Braj'tec with his implant signalled them both of the possible pending danger, and at the same time also alerted Kixi herself. He put down his drink and signalled a server droid for another drink, still not looking at neither the Trandoshsn nor Kixi, pretending to be clueless.
The 6 men in total entered the Fat Mynock, spotting their Trandoshan boss immediately. Not very conspicuously, the huddled mass of men crossed the restaurant, taking a seat with Vinskk.
Darkgear lowered his hood, revealing his jet black hair, bright grey eyes, and scarred face. He was sitting directly across from Revamp, while the other men sat next to him and Liam in the booth, scanning the bar and grill discreetly. The experienced slaver and soldier asked a question quietly, trying not to attract any more attention than they already had.
"What happened, sir? Looks normal."

Revamp looked around carefully, searching for any eavesdroppers. "Caught Human looking at my data pad. Could be assassins. Or spies. Or you know who could have sent someone for me?"
Darkgear looked at the big guy that Revamp had gestured to discreetly. He quickly sized up the large, older man before addressing Vinskk again. "Bugger's big, huh? I got a solution. Let's get the hell out of here. Another dive, another planet, wherever you wanna go, boss."
The Trandoshan nodded. While slavery wasn't exactly illegal under Sith rule, the planet was still Coruscant, a place known for 'culture' and all that bantha poodoo. Not the best place for a slaver.
"I'll finish my juma, then we'll go."
Darkgear nodded. The other men relaxed externally, but were in reality on alert, probing the seedy place for any militaristic looking figures or immediate threats.
Vinskk sipped his juma quickly. Soon, they would leave.
Both Kixi and Braj'tec had caught on of what was happening.A crime boss for sure. And a slaver. Braj'tec had transferred the data from his implant into Kixi's. The trandoshan held innocent slaves prisoners. She had to intervene as a Jedi. Her methods were not exactly very orthodox however. Her elite team comprised of the sort that neither the Silver Sanctum Coalition nor her Master Coci would ever approve of. One of them just for the record, Kes En'jusek a woman only a few years older than Kixi, was a trained cold blooded assassin. Given the chance she would kill anyone she hated or disliked, Mako Jhasmin Zaneca who was Kixi's soulmate included.
Braj'tec walked around the Trandoshan and his men and towards Kixi. He ignored them and pretended to go by his own business. He was good at what he did and his tricks. Although the Trandoshan suspected something, he wasn't certain as it looked like Braj'tec was conducting other business completely irrelevant to that of the Trandoshan's. Speaking to Kixi only in Züncålidiom, Braj'tec spoke calmly to her and right where the Trandoshan and his 6 men could hear, not caring as they would never understand a word anyway.
"Kixi we can't take the fight in here, there are people and innocents everywhere, however it appears they are going to bail and make a run for it."
"Not to worry Braj'tec, we'll get them outside after they walk out." 
"Zasalamel, Kes, there are 7 men who are about make a run for it. Take up strategic positions and prepare to ambush them once they are clear of the door. I suggest you turn on your body shields now. Braj'tec and I will follow them out a few seconds later." Kixi said speaking into her implant.
She got the acknowledgement and they moved into their respective tactical positions. While she was at it, she also contacted Mako to ready her D5-Mantis Patrol Craft known as the Phantom Chaser which was in the nearby vicinity. There was always the possibility that Kixi and her crew could be overrun, and therefore she needed a plan B for escape in the event of such thing occurring. She looked at the Trandoshan who clearly had grabbed her attention.
"Oh hello there, I'm just trying to organise a get together with friends for a special occasion.They're all hopeless trying to get them in the one place." She raised her hands in a gesture and smiled. Then signaled a server droid for another drink as she continued her charade. 
"Ready your body shield, mine is ready, as soon as they walk out, wait until they are out the door, by then Zasalamel and Kes would have surprised ambushed them. We then run out, have your weapon in hand and I'll have my lightsabre in hand." She said eyeing Braj'tec.
She put her drink down and moved her upper body to the rhythm of the music. She looked again at the Trandoshan smiling as she almost appeared as if she were dancing on her seat. Hopefully he had no idea of what was about to happen she thought to herself.
"Well, that was easy enough." Vinskk clicked at Darkgear again, this time in Dosha, with a knowing glare. "Another one. A 'get togther'. She's ordering an ambush. Call the rest of the men."
Liam cocked an eyebrow in incredulity. "Um, sir? All of them?"
The Trandoshan nodded slowly. The seasoned soldier shrugged and called it in.
Ring, ring...
"Yes, Mr. Darkgear?"
It was Free-Eyes who answered the call on the earpiece, Vinskk's Gran first mate and close friend, who virtually worshipped the Trandoshan Cartel Boss. Liam spoke in Granese, the language of Free-Eyes and a much less common tongue than Basic or Huttesse.
"Mr. Eyes. Do me a favor and send all the boys over to our location. Captain's orders."
The Gran slicer scratched the back of his head skeptically. "Uh, sure. I mean, that's a lot of guys..."
Darkgear ended the call, nodding to his boss.
Meanwhile, on the Black Talon...
All 34 of the other soldiers and slavers began to gear up, putting light armor underneath heavy cloaks and concealed blasters. They left as a mass, splitting up into various groups to seem less suspicious. Free-Eyes himself led a group, cloak covering various weapons and gizmos and hood covering his three eyes.
The Trandoshan and his motley collection stayed put in the restaurant. It was a matter of time before his entourage came to pick him up. Okay, less of an entourage and more like an army, but one would surely get the point.
Braj'tec was no fool though. He was too experienced as a militant to accept anything easy. He hadn't just transmitted the intel he had copied from the Trandoshan's datapad to Kixi's implant, but also to their ship, the MXS Morihei Ueshiba. By now their intelligence officers on board had decoded much information. Jhes Je'kesik, the head of intelligence on board the Ueshiba had relayed something back to Braj'tec of matter of urgency. They spoke like always only in Züncålidiom.
"Braj'tec, the ship, the Black Talon is their ship and is within striking range of us. Yet they do not know we are, let us say their enemy."
"Copy that Jhes, I've just partially intercepted part of a conversation they just had now. You appear to be correct regarding the Black Talon.Worse still, he is assembling an army to meet us on the ground, we will be overrun if they land their soldiers. Hold one moment."
Braj'tec had been able to decode part of the conversation being spoken in Gran with his implanted universal translator. Gran was still a language native to this galaxy and thus his translator was programmed to decrypt very much all languages native to it. He turned to Kixi who was also getting the feed from the ship.
"We either retreat or we stop those men of his from landing. Otherwise we lose the fight I'm afraid."
"Jhes, this is your captian Kixi, we have a dire situation here. If those troops land and get to our location, we will be heavily outnumbered. Given first officer Mako is not onboard, you are in command of the ship. Intercept the Black Talon and engage. Do not destroy the ship, I repeat do not destroy it. Only disable it.The slaves are onboard.To destroy it will defeat the purpose.You have the element of surprise. Strike hard before they realise what is happening and then get the hell out of there. Our ship model is unknown to them, the less they see of it, the harder it will be for them to identify us later."
"Copy that, moving into intercept course now, please standby." Then came the immediate response from her third in command along with static sounds that dominated in the background. 
All Kixi and Braj'tec could do now is wait and hope. The MXS Morihei Ueshiba however, did indeed catch the Black Talon off guard. The ambush was quick and swift, and as the crew on the Black Talon were not expecting it and were very much preparing a ground strike team, the Ueshiba managed to disable the ship, scan it to confirm the slaves were indeed on board, and then quickly make a run for it in the hope that it would stall them for a little while at best. That being the case knowing that surely there would be no chance of such an easy ambush on the Black Talon a second time.
"Kixi, it is done, however I suggest you hurry up with your business because I think I've just peed off a lot of people big time."
"Affirmative, we'll do our best down here but we may require your services again. Don't go to far."
Kixi looked at Braj'tec hiding the fact that she was extremely worried. The situation wasn't look all that bright for them if those soldiers from that Black Talon got to them eventually. Kes and Zasalamel were still outside. She needed the Trandoshan and his 6 men outside of the bar. As long as it was them 7 versus the 4 of them, they could easily win the fight. Zasalamel alone couild probably take out most of the Trandoshan's men. He after all had taught Kixi most of what she had known about fighting and combat and was almost 2 metres tall and a huge man.
She spoke in Basic again so that the Trandoshan could understand her, pretending to look all frustrated at the lack of organisation.
"This is hopeless Braj'tec, I rock up here and those 2 are stuck in their offices with clients. I mean why now. When we should be all here celebrating and drinking."
She sighed, or rather pretended to in her pretense act of frustration. She was hopeful that maybe now he and his thugs would leave the bar so that she could take him down and into custody.
Vinskk nodded to his entourage inside, standing up. "Let's go."
The 7 men stood and crossed the restaurant, reaching the exit. The cloaked slavers huddled around Revamp, forming a protective formation.
They left then, the party outside the bar and grill. The group waited there for the rest of the group to show up from the streets, unaware of the attack on the Black Talon...

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