Total Recall

The aftermath effects of Kixi's successful attempts in altering time using knowledge from the Orb of Passage continues to effect the now Jedi Knight Kixi Rajki. Through dreams and nightmares, she constantly feels the harsh and dramatic effects of her own actions continuously for many years after. Not knowing or understanding the reason for these disturbances, except that the events appear to have happened somewhere in her life, in some sort of future-past that feels so vivid, that she actually strangely feels that she has lived them already. With no one truly able to assist her, consequently Kixi is left to her own means to slowly unravel the mystery that has haunted her mind for years. Finally though, a breakthrough, while on a mission at the heart of Sith controlled Coruscant, by fate and the will of the Force, she encounters a ghost from her would be future-past, who ultimately proves vital in her first steps in remembering, and unlocking the secrets of her now altered future-past.


3. Acknowledgements


Thanking all the people I have role played with, as my own self Kixi Rajki, as a character at Star Wars RP Chaos, ( This story, although written before the events of the Time's Arrow story, actually takes place years after that. For the timeline of the Kixi Rajki cross universe character, please visit .This story was originally published at on the 2015-10-19. 


This story's idea was developed by the role playing with a character / role-player at by the name of Vinskk Revamp, who plays a pivotal role in the proceedings of this story. Also on that note, a thank you for his contribution of the characters Free-Eyes and Liam Darkgear.


Also a quick mention to whom played the character of Coci Heavenshield with me at Star Wars RP Chaos, in which although their character is mentioned briefly in this story, plays an important role in other Kixi Rajki character stories.


Last but definitely not least, a mega warm hug to Mako Jhasmin Ikeda, my girlfriend, whom the character Mako Jhasmin Zaneca is based on and is the sole inspiration of that character, whom has a deep bond and relationship with my character Kixi Rajki.


Thank you 

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