Under A Cherry Blossom Tree: A Silent Note

For the longest time, a boy was stuck in a world of black and white. One day a sweet melody marked him for life. His world went on full color.


1. A Start of Spring

Jason, a boy with glasses didn't know that his whole life was about to change when spring itself, sprung to life. He was walking down the hallway by himself and everyone stopped as if time itself had stopped.


"Look it's Jason! Jason Phoenix!" one of the kids said. "A machine boy that was only meant to play in piano competitions." The scenery change. A grand piano layout in the front of him, waiting to be played. Everyone waiting to see his first move, but, he stood frozen. "Did he forget how to play?" "Shhhh! His mom and little sister just died, he can't just....come back and pretended nothing happened." The little girl's mother whispered. Their faces were unknown to Arima. They were just black, like a hole.


He woke up, grunting he got up and looked at the time. His blue eyes flew open to see the time. It read 7:05. School started at 7:25. "I'm going to be late!" He went to the bathroom, running, brushed his blond hair and his teeth. He got his worn out backpack and went to school in such a rush he didn't even eat breakfast.


Even though he was in a rush he still went past the music room to look inside. There was a jet-black piano standing there. It seemed to say "Play me," it seemed to always say that. No, I will not play......not anymore, not ever! Arima left, angry at himself for looking inside. I will not play for anybody, even for myself.


After lunch he went to a classroom, hearing a song he really liked he wondered if it was possible to play it on the piano. The blond haired boy got out a blank music sheet and started to write the notes down. He started humming to himself.....when the bell rang. He was so into what he was doing he forgot what time it was.


"WHAT! Is it time already? I didn't even get half the song down!" That's what happens when you space out too much. He stopped. Was I really writing down music notes? I only did that when I was a child. Why did I even do that? I'm no child anymore. He shook his head, again angry at himself. Good thing the day is almost over.


After school, he walked down to the park to think. There was something black in the tree. He walked up to them and toke hold of them. "These are......women's ...shoes, right?" What!? Ahhh!!! He said looking down at them, then, he heard the most beautiful music. A girl with blond hair and blue at the tips, she was standing under a beautiful Cherry Blossom Tree playing the flute. The tree was a beautiful color of pink. My world has started to take on color.

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