Under A Cherry Blossom Tree: A Silent Note

For the longest time, a boy was stuck in a world of black and white. One day a sweet melody marked him for life. His world went on full color.


2. A Bad Start

She was wearing a dress, a gray and pink one. She was on her toes, without shoes. She was playing a silver flute. A lot of kids were gathered around her, the girl turned around to face me. There were tears in her eyes.


Tears? Why? "I blew on it too hard!" she coughed. "That was amazing!" one of the kids said. "I'm going to play like you one day!" another said. They left running to go tell their parents what they saw. She starts laughing.


Then she saw what I was holding, "What?.....Hey! Those are mine!" she yelled. "I'll kill you if you don't give them back!" "Ahhh!! I'm sorry. I-I found them on a tree!" Jason respond. "We"ll give them back!"


She threw her flute at him, it hit him really hard on the head. "Oww! Don't use instruments as weapons!" Arima yelled back. She responds "Give them back! I'm going to be late for the competition!" She was running towards him now. Then she kicked him on his leg. "Oww! What was that for! I was going to give them to you anyway!" She looked at him, "Well you didn't hurry up!"


They were both silent now. Wait did she say competition? "Umm..... earlier you said something about a competition," he asked. She tilts her head a little, "Oh yeah. In there!" She pointed at Stanford University. Oooohhh! Wait the only competition I heard of that is going on right now is for violin only. She doesn't look like she plays the violin at all. In fact, I just saw her play the flute! How do I tell her.....without her getting mad at me?


"The- only competition I've heard that is going on right now is for violin only," I looked at her flute she was holding. She was mad at me now. "I also play the violin! This is my 4th year playing!"


Is she really that good? "I played in this competition last year!" she said. "How far did you make it?" I asked. "Made it to the finals!" she cried. "What! You did?" She nodded her head. "I'm thinking of getting first place! At least one day! Oh! I haven't introduced myself."


"My name is Lafiel Abriel. My friends call me Ayla!" She held out her hand I took it. Her silver-blue gaze trapped me and she pulled me like say "Please come and support me!" That is what her eyes told me. The spring of my fourteen year I meet her. My world started to take on color! 

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