What goes on in the heads dorm stays in the heads dorm

What will happen when Hermione and Draco are chosen for head boy and head girl


2. Nike Pro's

​ " these are your quarters" McGonagall said motioning towards the portrait hole " the password is up to you guys so agree on something, do you guys need help settling in" she asked looking at me and Granger. " no ma'am" Granger replied sweetly I snorted. " trying to suck up to the head mistress already Granger?" I asked Hermione sneering trying to get a rise out of her. "Goodnight professor" Hermione said ignoring me. I glared at her as she walked the portrait hole yawning. I was about to go into when McGonagall stopped me. " Mr. Malfoy I expect that you be kind to Hermione and-" " really professor you've been giving me this same talk since 2nd year and it hasn't changed anything so what makes you think it will now" I cut in before she could start lecturing me. Her stern features softened as she looked at me with pity. " look professor I don't need your pity I can see it in your eyes" I said yawning " I know that Malfoy but the war has changed everyone for better or for worse, but despite what you want everyone to think you're not the same person you were before" I ran a hand through my hair " goodnight professor" I said as walked through the portrait hole. I just want to go to bed I thought to myself as I walked through the common. I walks up the stairs to where our room was. I waked in the room to see Hermione pulling on her pajama shirt I sucked in a sharp breath when I saw how flat her stomach was. Her skin looked like porcelain. I stepped further into the room and cleared my throat to make my presence known " do you need something" Hermione asked without lookin at me " this is my bloody room too" I said to her " I don't need your permission to come into my room" she just looked at me and sighed and went to unpacking. That's when I actually took notice the setup of the room the beads were pushed together side by side there was a desk by the window which Granger had already claimed I guess I had the desk by the door then there were to dressers side by side and there was a shower curtain that you pulled close to get dressed behind. " how can they even call this a room I mean we're practically sleeping in the same bed" I wailed " I'm not hall that either" Hermione said looking at me with annoyance. " oh please" I snorted. " its everyone's dream to sleep with a Malfoy, but with a Granger that must be a nightmare" " sod off Malfoy" she said as she grabbed something and went behind her curtain to change. " What are you wearing!" I exclaimed as Granger walked out from behind the curtain. " what" she said looking down at her shorts. Gods was she really that oblivious. " Granger those are the shortest pair of pants I've ever seen" Hermione looks down at her shorts again. " are they really that short" she asked twisting around so her but was facing me. I gulped and nodded my head quickly" are they even supposed to be worn as shorts or underwear" I asked redirecting mg gaze from her butt to her face. She shrugged her shoulders " they're some sort of muggle shorts I think they're called Nike pro's" Merlin how was Hermione Freaking Granger making Malfoy feel attracted to her? It was those blasted shorts they had to go " how about Nike No's" I said bluntly she swiveled around one more time " yeah your probably right" said going over to her dresser and pulling something else out. "thank Merlin" I mumbled under my breath. I sat on the edge of my bed and thought about what McGonagall said earlier. Turns out she was right, I have changed... My taste in girls 😉

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