What goes on in the heads dorm stays in the heads dorm

What will happen when Hermione and Draco are chosen for head boy and head girl


4. Ms.Norris

​Draco hadn't spoken to Hermione since their encounter earlier in the morning, he was afraid he would say something that would mess up the twisted friendship they had. They both worked in silence at their desk each person working at a brisk pace. Draco looked up when he heard Hermione's stomach growl. Hermione looked up at the clock and gasped." Draco we.missed dinner and its past curfew" Malfoy glanced at the clock " is it really" Hermione sighed Draco sat and thought for a minute before a small mischievous smile crept slowly across his face. Hermione took notice of this and began to worry. She had seen that smile before and it meant he was planning on doing something stupid. " Malfoy" Hermione said apprehensively. He turned to look at her his grin slowly widening. " what are you smiling about" Hermione said timidly. Draco looked at her with a strange gleam In his eye. " we're both hungry and its past curfew meaning that we should sneak into the kitchen and get food" Hermione slowly nodded "ok" she said with a shrug. Draco was shocked he hadn't expected her to agree so quickly "okay lets go" he said masking his surprise. Hermione and Draco both grabbed their wands before poking their heads out the portrait hole "the coast is clear" Draco said in a hushed tone Hermione quickly ducked and ran across the hallway. " what are you doing" Draco said casually walking across Hermione rolled her eyes " I'm trying not to get caught sneaking around campus" Draco let the tiniest trace of a smile grace his face before he walked ahead beckoning to Hermione. The pair slowly approached the kitchen both slightly out of breath from jogging up the staircases. Hermione quickly hurried Into the kitchen behind Draco. Even though it was after curfew there was still fresh food being made. Hermione took out her wand and transfigured an apple into a bag. Draco quickly shoved food into the bag making sure he got what he wanted. Hermione was doing the same thing and carefully picking out her food and carefully placed it in the bag. " c'mon" Draco whispered as be headed for the door. Hermione had to jog just to keep with him. As Draco and Hermione walked along Hermione heard something she stopped walking and tried to listen "what are you doing are you doing" Draco asked as he too stopped walking " listen" Hermione hissed under her breath, and sure enough in the far distance you could hear footsteps. Hermione had a panic attack on the spot " I'm head girl I can't be seen sneaking around campus" Draco shook his head "we wont get caught if we stop standing around" Draco said grabbing Hermione's arm and pulling her into the closest classroom which turned out to be a closet. Just outside the closest you could hear Filch "what is it Miss Norris" Filch asked the cat. The cat made a low strangled sound in and started sniffing at the door. Hermione stepped closer to Draco and looked up at him. He slowly put his arms around her. She looked like a small child and he felt the need to protect her. Outside the closet another person could be heard. "Filch I am afraid that the urgent matter we discussed can't wait until morning" the voice belonged to McGonagall. The pair in the closet continued to state into each others eyes long after Filch had left. We should go Draco said opening the door and Hermione reddened when she realized how close they bad been. She quickly stepped back and left the closet. Draco felt a sudden ache In his heart as Hermione had pulled her body away from his. He thought about how the sudden loss of contact left him with same feeling of wanting - no Needing to protect Hermione. He shook it off and followed Hermione back to there common room.

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