What goes on in the heads dorm stays in the heads dorm

What will happen when Hermione and Draco are chosen for head boy and head girl


1. Don't touch my stuff

​" I can't believe we are returning to Hogwarts for an eighth year" I said slightly bouncing in my seat "relax Mione" Ron said shoveling a chocolate frog in his mouth "anyways" he continued" we'll probably end up savings everyone's arses like we do every year" I snapped my head up immediately " oh no no" I said quickly folding my arms over my chest " Headmistress McGonagall is giving us a second chance to further our education and I don't plan on wasting it saving ungrateful pricks like Malfoy-" I heard a.snort from behind me " talking about me already Granger" Malfoy said sporting his signature smirk Harry hopped up from his seat " GET OUT NOW" he said seething " relax potty don't get your knickers in a twist, and believe me Wouldn't come in your compartment by choice McGonagall sent me to get Granger." he sneered at Ron who was clenching his fist " I wonder what the headmistress wants to see.me.for" I said aloud. Draco let out an impatient sigh. " get up you nitwit and maybe we'll find out" before I could process what I was doing I launched myself at him and socked him in the eye. " OW granger what the heck!" Malfoy screamed as Harry and Ron sniggered at him. " c'mon nitwit" I called behind me. I made my way to McGonagall's compartment. " aww Ms. Granger Mr. Malfoy please have a seat" Malfoy came in mumbling under his breath as he threw himself into the seat I was about to sit in. " real mature" I spat at him as he stuck his tongue out at me " at least I don't resemble a zoo animal " he said looking me up and down " and would.it kill you to wear clothes your size you might as well wear a trash bag-" " MR. MALFOY THAT IS QUITE ENOUGH" McGonagall cut in " sorry professor" we mumbled ashamed " are finally ready to know why I called you both in here" we nodded our heads with vigor as the anticipation slowly ate away at me. " As you know you are the top two students of the school" " no surprise there" Malfoy mumbled " anyway" McGonagall said giving Malfoy a pointed look " I have chosen you two to be the heads this year" I was filled with joy I have wanted this since first year but then the reality of the situation sunk in . " professor" I asked cautiously she looked at me " do the heads still share a living space?" I said carefully spacing out my words "oh yes I was about to get into that" she paused " as you both know the school took a large amount of damage we were able to fix the main house living areas but the heads dorm was in ruins" Malfoy looked extremely pale. " what are you saying" McGonagall looked from me to Malfoy " well it used to be that the heads share a common room but have separate bedrooms... But now you share a common room and a bedroom." I shook my head In a daze "Nooo" Malfoy cried vigorously shaking his head. "do I at least get my own bed" he wailed McGonagall quickly nodded her head " we used a simple expansion charm so the room is doubled its normal size" I let out a sigh of relief. McGonagall looked at us " you two should change into your robes so that you are ready to help the first years." I looked at Malfoy who looked like his dog had just died. " yes professor" we mumbled as we made our way out of he compartment. I was walking away when I heard Malfoy call me " look Granger if we're gonna live together we're going to have to come to a agreement" I nodded my head "absolutely" he locked eyes with mine and put his hands on my shoulders. " promise me one thing" I shrugged his hands off of me "sure" I said getting bored . Malfoy still held eye contact and his face very serious. " promise me you won't touch my stuff" I nodded my head " of course" he shook his head once. " good" he said as he walked away. I let out a long sigh. This was going to be a long year.

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