He looks so perfect


2. chapter two

Emma's POV

I woke up to the smell of home made pancakes so I ran downstairs to get some cause I know calum will eat then all   "ummmm........" Cal questioned while pointing at me. I looked down at my self and I was in my underwear,  shit. I ran upstairs in embarrassment, blushing like crazy. I slammed the door of my my bedroom, walked over to my bed and sat down. How could I be dumb enough to forget that after yesterday I didnt have any pjs so I slept in my underwear.  I walked over to the dresser where I placed my clothes from yesterday and I started to get changed.  I got changed into white ripped skinny jeans, my floral baggy top that said in-gage and my floral converse.

I ran back downstairs to get a pancake, I walked over to the stove but there were no pancakes. I sat down at the table wondering were calum and the pancakes went. All of a sudden I felt someone grab my shoulder.  I figured out that no one was home except calum and I so it must be him. He started to lean closer and closer near my ear, all of a sudden he whispered in my ear "sorry, I burnt all the pancakes, lets just go to Starbucks" I nodded even though I have no idea what Starbucks is.

I followed calum outside, to where I swear he parked his car last night "Calum where's your car?" He gave me a funny look but replied "I dont have a car, in fact I don't even have my licence" I swear he drove me home last night. "I borrowed one of my friends cars and then he came and picked it up this morning, and yes I did drive without a license" calum explained. Calum started to walk down the path so I followed him. After a bit of walking we got to starbucks, as we got closer to the door we saw a closed sign.  "What do we do now" I asked calum. He shrugged his shoulders and replied "I dont know,  maybe we should just go to school and not have breakfast". He started to walk again so I continued to follow him.

"I'm so glad that my friend Micheal spotted you at the club last night, now we better head of to school, and by the way I want you to meet by band" calum said.

"Okay calum, um so what's your bands name" I replied.

"My bands called 5 seconds of summer and there is four of us, oh look at that we've arrived at school"calum answered very happy.

Calum's POV

Im so happy that my sister is back, my life feels complete again. We walked over to the double doors and opened them like they do in the movies. I started leading Emma down the corridor, but all of a sudden she started poking me. She leaned in and whispered in my ear. 

"Cal I remember all those people over there can we go talk to them" that was the popular group that she was talking about.

Right in the center of the group was Brittany,  she was Emma's best friend when they were   younger, she also thinks that she's my girlfriend. Brittany has gotten into every guys pants, well everyone's ecept for mu band and I's . Brittany started walking over to us with her friends, and Emma started running over to her and yelling. "Oh my god Brit I missed you so so much" Emma yelled. Brittany walked over to emma, slapped her on the face and yelled

"what the hell, you think after you killed 6 people in front of Calum and then shot yourself putting yourself in a comber for 6 months, then after that running away is still gonna make us friends, well guess what, hell no. oh and one last thing stay the hell away from boyfriend" Brittany walked away leaving Emma balling her eyes out. I walked over and I attemted to give her a hug but she just pushed me away.

"I thought she was my friend and Calum how could you be in a relationship with such a slutty bitch" Emma exclaimed. I let her calm down a bit and then I replied

"Well actually, she thinks where together but, there is know way I would be with the bloody school slut". She started to say something but she ended up shaking her head. Emma stood still for a little while but she finally said what she wanted to say.

" okay... I still can't believe that, that's what she thought happened, when she knew about the what happened"  Emma told me. I saw Michael in the corner of my eye, he came over and said "Hey babe" while winking at Emma. "Hey michael" she replied.  Ashton and Luke came over and they both questioned at the same time


Emma's POV

I can't believe he just called me babe, I started to blush uncontrollably. I hid it from Michael but calum saw it and smirked at me. Michael and I smiled at each other while he walked of with the two boys. Calum and I walked of to the office where we got my time table, locker location and combination.  When we got to the lockers Calum's loker was on the right with one of the boys and one my left was Michael........Oh my god........then there was another boy from before

" so cal I know you and Michael but who are the other boys in your band"

"Well there's the curly haired one witch is called Ashton an then there's Blondie also know as Luke"

"Okay so in you band there's you, Mikey, ash and Blondie" they all laughed at the fact that I call Luke Blondie but I don't care school was amazing I sat with the boys all day and when we got home I was so tired that I feel a sleep as I walked in the door.

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