He looks so perfect


3. chapter three

Michaels POV I woke up and realized I was in calls house oh well I don't care I herd crying and I followed it to a girl wait its Emma I ran over to her immediately and hugged here she laughed "Your so predictable Michael" "Wait so you were only crying so I could hug you" "Yes and no and yesterday when you called me babe what did you mean" oh no she asked was I going to ask her out or not oh well I'm going to " Emma will" her mum yelled for her to go to to her she sighed and went down an after two or three seconds cal walked in smirking "Cal can I ask you something" " sure has it got something with Emma" he said doing a heart shape with his hands and doing kissing sounds I have him the death glare and asked him the question "Cal can I date you sister" "Sure mate I actually wanted you guys to date" " ok now get out before she comes back"cal walked out and she walked in "So Michael what were you going to say" " Emma Louise Hood will you go on a date with me" " oh my god yes I would love to" She leaned in and kissed me I kissed back I slid my tongue onto her lip asking for entrance she stopped kissing me and said "You got to work harder for that Mikey" she winked and laughed then she turned around and walked out the door urrrrr why is she teasing me. i walked down stairs to where she was laughing with cal i walked over and turned the xbox on and then immediately ashton and luke woke up and got a controller while cal put COD (call of duty) on and started playing. Emma's POV omg michael just asked me out i cant believe it i walked down stairs to see the boys playing on the Xbox "cal im going to go to the shops ill be back at 12" "OK have fun" i grabbed my keys and ran out the door to my Hennessy Venom GT and drove to the shops after about two hours of shopping i got back into my car and drove home. i walked in the door and mikey yelled "em can you buy pizza for us" "sure but you have to come" "OK see you ya im going with em to get pizza see you later" Michael and i jumped into my car and drove to the pizza shop when we got there we ordered then we grabbed our pizza and drove home we then ate the pizza and michael said he would pick me up at six and then he left with ash and luke

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