He looks so perfect


1. chapter one

Emma's POV

I was sitting at a table in a club in Sydney just drinkibg away the night. On the second table away from the bar there were four hot guys: one had blond quiffed hair, one looked Asian,  one had brown curly hair while the last one had amazing spiked up red hair. Damn he is hhhoootttt!!!!

Michael's POV

I was scanning the club when I stopped and looked over to a table in the corner of the club. I saw a girl she was so bloody hot I couldn't believe my eyes here hair started of green as it made its way through blue, pink and the ends were purple. Her hair was so long I couldn't find it's end, but when I looked at her ass I found it ( The ends of her hair nothing else ). I looked over at calum so i could show him the girl,  but it seems calum has already seen her. Calum started crying and while looking at the girl.

"Hey cal what's wrong you don't seem ok we can go if you want to,  it's fine by me as long as my bandmates are happy I will be happy, so cal seriously what's wrong" I asked but he sayed silent. Suddenly I felt someone tapping my arm, I looked over and it was Calum.

"Micheal can you ask her to come here" calum Whispered, Calum was shacking like mad so I did as he asked and went over to the girl. As I got closer I tried to figure out what I was going to say.  I couldn't think of anything so I decided to go with the truth. I Got to her and tapped her arm,  she turned around and I said


"Hey I'm Emma" she replied

"I'm Micheal and my friend over there wants to talk to you" I said as I gestured to a tearing up Calum. All of a sudden she ran over to calum

"Oh my god calum" she wispered as she gave him a hug.

Calum's POV

I really missed her but after what she did to me I wanted to to push away from me and lock her in jail. She finally lets go of me and she started to cry. I yanked her hand and dragged her to my car.

"Hopped in" i told her

"What, No, Why" she asked

"Just do it" I grumbeld

"Fine" she replied. We  hopped in my car and I drove us to my house, as I got to the door I relised that I forgot Michael. So I called him and said sorry. We got out of the car and went inside. I directed her to my room, when we got in. She walked over and sat down on my bed while I put away my keys. I walked to my bed  sat next to her. I was about to say something but so was she, so I let her talk

"Cal I know you don't want to here it but please can I tell you everything, the whole story" I nodded in approval.  She looked very shocked at my answer.

"Ok so when we were kids I was training for the military and police force, when I turned 15 they took me away  from you, mum and dad. The only reason I was doing the training was because when we were 6 years of age, we walked down an alleyway playing hide and seek but on the way down the most deadliest gang in Australia shot our best friend, you didn't see the gang but I did, so I ran after them and killed two of them leaving six left. I started to walk back to you but the leader of the gang. came up to me and said, you better protect your brother because we are coming back and are going to kill him.  So I grabbed you and took you home.I told dad what happened and then he took me to the military to train to protect you, which i dont know why he did it cause at the time i was seven years old. He was going to die two weeks after, so me and dad had decided to kept it all a secrete" I processed this in my head and then nodded to her to tell her to continue.

"When I was 14, I found you in the park with all those guys so I killed them all in front of your eyes. The leader held up his gun and shot me. You dragged me all the way to the hospital you were so scared. For the next six months I was in a coma, in my time in the coma I gained strength to hard for me to contain. I was head hunted by some secret american organization. I was moved to California to become trained propably by the secrete armed forces. I didn't understand that all this meant leaving you forever, and they wouldn't let me say goodbye or let me talk to anyone at all" I was so shocked I couldn't believe it. This is not what we all thought happened. I replied with

"we all thought you killed yourself or ditched us because we weren't good enough for you. Then we we had no contact with you we all thought you were dead" I started to cry and so did she at that moment my mum, i mean our mum walked in and saw us. She was so mad when she saw emily. I walkes out so emily and mum could have some time alone.  Emily told her every thing, Then mum set her room up and inroked her into the same school as me. I was so glad she was back, after dinner we all went to bed.

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