He looks so perfect


4. chapter four

i ran to my room with excitement and got into the shower i ran out and i couldn't decide what to wear so i yelled down to cal and he chose my outfit

i thanked him and then i got dressed in my bathroom when i came out i saw cal on my bed with a hair brush so i raised and eyebrow at him "just come here" "cal when was the last time you brush a girls hair" "yesterday" "yeah on who " "ashton" "okay there is no way im letting you brush my hair" he pulled me towards him and started brushing my hair and then he put it into a braid my hair I ran to the mirror and OH MY GOD it looks amazing it looks like I did it I turned around and gave him the thumbs up and he smiled I was about to say thanks but then the door bell rang cal ran down and yelled to me "Emma your Prince Charming is here" I blushed and laughed I walked down the stairs and I saw Michael dam he's hot I still can't believe I am got on a date with Michael Gordon Clifford I walked over to Michael and before I could say anything cal yelled

"Have fun" then he had a wierd look and his face

"but not to much fun......Yuck " Michael and I laughed and then I shut the door

"Emma you look beautiful as beautiful as a.....a...a you just look beautiful" I blushed and said

" thanks you the same and anyway were you trying to be romantic but couldn't think of something"

"yep" I laughed and the he opened the door

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