Alise Weasley and the six stones of life

Alise Weasley is Hermione and Ron's daughter, this is kind of the alternative 8th book of harry potter.


7. The love potion

Lauren came skipping in. "Guess what! Guess what what what!" She was bouncing up and down, her braids went everywhere. "I'm the new Ravenclaw seeker!!"

"Cool," I said but not very enthusiastically. I was really mad that i wasn't able to be on the team all year!

"Look i know you're sad, but if-" Lloyd, Albus, and Justin came walking in.

"Hey Alise!" Lloyd said, "How are you doing?"

"Good, you?"

"Uh, good, so um- well Slytherin tryouts for quidditch are tomorrow and I was wondering if you would like to watch me- well tryout, I mean it was your idea and all."

"Ya, ya if I'm out, then ya."

"Ya, of course if you are out bye then."


"You ready for this?" Scorpius asked.

"ya, i think so." Lloyd responded.

"Ha! Well I'll be surprised if you make the team."

"Don't be so harsh!" Ivy said "dad told me that you can borrow my firebolt for tryouts and if you make it the team then he will buy you your own."

"Great, um we should probably get on the field."

"Ya," Ivy said.

They walked out together and saw lots of other Slytherins waiting for tryouts to begin. I realized that Ivy was more of the kinder one when it came to family and friends but to anyone else she definitely her dad's daughter.

"Okay everyone quiet! My name is Peter Chestwin! I will be your team captain. Now before anyone gets any ideas i will be a beater!" There were lots of moans and groans from people who wanted to be a beater. "And as you all know there are two beaters on the team so don't be so upset! Now i want all of the want-to-be-seekers over here, all the want-to-be-beaters over here, the want-to-be-keepers over here, and the random point makers over here."

"The random point makers?" Ivy muttered to herself, "I swear he gets less enthusiastic every year." 

"I don't know what I want to be and what the different things are." Lloyd told his siblings. 

"Then kid why are you even trying out?" Scorpius said as he walked over to the seeker section. 

"Well, um,"  Ivy said, "seeker catches the golden snitch, keeper protects the goal, beaters hit the bludger and try to get the other team hurt, and the chasers just try to score points with the quaffle."

"What should i do?"

"Uh, you should try out for chaser,"

"So i go over there?" Lloyd pointed to one of the areas that Chestwin pointed out before. 

"Ya, ya, i will give you the broom but i think i need it first." 

I stood up in the bleachers and waved to Lloyd, he saw me, smiled and waved back.

The tryouts seemed so long! I got really bored, i waited and waited until finally it was Lloyd's turn. 

"Next! Step up! what is your name?"

"Lloyd Malfoy,"

"Okay, take this Quaffle and try to score a few points, um you!" he pointed to a guy who already tried out for keeper.


"Yes you, can you block the goals?"

"Uh, ya sure,"

"Go easy on him."

The guy that was playing keeper mounted his broom and flew up to the goals. Lloyd mounted his broom with ease flying up easily. He tossed the ball but it got blocked and went flying. Lloyd flew really fast and caught the ball he threw it up and hit it with the backside of his broom. He made a goal! HE MADE ANOTHER ONE!! AND ANOTHER ONE AND ANOTHER ONE!!! OVER AND OVER AGAIN!! HE WAS AMAZING! 

But then he missed one, and the Quaffle went flying back to him and hit his head, he lost his balance and started slipping! But he regained it! He caught the ball, threw it hard and flew his broom stick to the ground. When he touched the ground clasped and laid flat on the ground, he was fine, but the broom wasn't. 

Ivy came running to him. "Lloyd? Lloyd can you hear me?'

"Ya," Lloyd said softly.

"My broom! It's broken! i am going to kill that son of a-"

"Hey! watch your language!" the boy came flying down. "Sorry, i didn't mean to hit him, I was just blocking the goal. I'll pay for the broom."

"THAT IS RIGHT YOU WILL!" Ivy stood nose to nose with him, "What is your name?"

"Nick Kensey" 


"IVY STOP!" Lloyd yelled. 

"No she's right. I am a mud blood, or muggle born, or what ever you want to call it! But that doesn't mean a thing!"

"Really? It means you are a filthy, no good little-"

"STOOOOOP!" Lloyd yelled again, he was standing up now, "He didn't get to choose if he was going to be born of muggles or not, his parents didn't choose if they were going to be witches and wizards or not! It is not his fault so leave him alone!!!" Ivy looked stunned, she just stood and stared at Lloyd.  

"I'll get you a new broom," Nick muttered and left. 

Lloyd picked up the two halves of the broom and shoved them into Ivy's hands fiercely, he gave her a look and then started leaving the field.  I came running down from the stands chasing after Lloyd.

"You did great!"

"Ya, thanks i probably won't make the team though."

"You might." I prompted. 

"He said he would tell us tonight or tomorrow morning." 

"Great! So you can let me know tomorrow!" 

"I guess." 

"Oh and I forgot to tell you, my dad signed the permission slip and sent it through the mail, so if you still want to hang out on Saturday at Hogsmeade, I actually can." 

"YES!" he yelled, "uh i mean, i mean, ya sure that would be cool. Uh but why did you lie to me before?"

"I didn't!" I tried to cover up.

"It was really obvious." 

"Well, I didn't lie."

"You're lying right now,"

"No I...I...I'm sorry, It's just that..."

"It's fine. Just don't do it again, I'll see you tomorrow, and on Saturday we can meet at the Three Broomsticks."

"Ya, and um, ya" I awkwardly walked backwards and bunked against the wall, and walked to the Ravenclaw common room. 

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