Alise Weasley and the six stones of life

Alise Weasley is Hermione and Ron's daughter, this is kind of the alternative 8th book of harry potter.


5. A trip to the hospital wing (continued)

In my head i was screaming yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! But my dumb mouth had a different idea.

"Oh i would love to, but i can't,"

"why not?"

"I forgot my permission slip," (that was a lie) "so maybe next time." I gave a nervous laugh, but kept slapping myself in my head.

"ya, ya well, i'll see you around" And he left.

I sunk to the floor and started hitting my head against my knees and Gary Zuckerberg walked i. he is a nerdy Ravenclaw, (but aren't we all) he has black hair with glasses and braces and a he is a third year.

"Hi, Alise you okay?"

"uh-ya Gary,"

"what are you hitting yourself for?"

"no reason,"

"No reason? there is always a reason for everything!"

And that is when Scorpius walked in. " Is there a reason why i am about to punch your face?"

"Um- yes, maybe, I think!"

"Than why?" He growled, a smirk spreading across his face. 

"W-Why? cause- um....!" Gary ran away.

"Why were you with him?" Scorpius asked, slightly disgusted.

"He walked in while i was here,"

"Hm. Accio wand!" My wand went flying out of my back pocket and he caught it, he threw it over the railing and i heard a faint snap. "oops," he said and then walked out.

I looked over the railing and saw my 12 1/2 in. Dark Oak with a phoenix feather wand snapped in half. 

"WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH YOU?!" I cried. I ran down the stairs, and saw Scorpius on the stairwell and pinned him to the wall, and punched him, then kept running down stair after stair after stair. I was on one of the flights stepping onto the next when the staircase moved, I slipped I grabbed on to the railing and dangled, but my hands were slipping and then i was falling and i hit the ground and blacked out. 

When i woke up i was still lying there "I guess no one found me," I thought. I tried to get up my everything hurt. "Help!" I tried to yell but i wasn't that loud. I looked at my watch it got knocked off my wrist but it was still working, 6:47, it read. Everyone would be in the great hall for dinner. I was able to scooch down the stairs, I was careful not to move when the stairs were. 

I got to the bottom floor where the great hall was but i was still far from it. I knew my leg(s) were broken. "HELP! somebody anybody please HELP!" 

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