New Love?! (Dramione Fanfiction)

What if Draco and Hermione fall in love each other IF Hemione doesn't feel loved by Ron?


2. Prologue: New Beginning!

New Love?!

Prologue: New Beginning!




Hermione's P.O.V

We defeat Voldemort together, and many of death eaters may have died, but they disappeared like vanished, dimmed, faded, how can I explain to you if you don't understand.

Ron and I walked toward Harry Potter in hand to hand.

We also watched that he broke the Elder wand and threw it on the cliffs.

I was shocked as you are and Ron was too as he looks at me...

I sigh happily, and I turn around to see Harry walked toward another side of the cliff.

Because if he didn't break the most famous wand, Elder, and he might keep it safety, but you heard me read the book, 'Tale of Three Brothers' story', this wand might kill Harry.

I'm glad that he broke it.

We walked toward where Harry stands there, and I held his hand as a best friend of mine.

"Wake up, Hermione," Harry whispers.

I was more confused than you are, and then I look at Harry.

"Huh?!" I say confusedly as I let his hand go.

He looks at me with his scary, angry looks and shook my left arm violently as he put his right hand on my arm tightly.

"Woke up!" He raises his voice.




I get up while I woke up in the bed and was shocked as I look around the house. 

I saw the clock, and it says 7:00.

Thank goodness, it was only dreaming.

Why am I dreamt of it?

Anyway, why am I wake up and get up so early?

"Hermione?" That was my dearest best friend, Harry Potter, The Boy Who Lived.

"Harry?" I call confusedly.

I turn my head to see Harry's confused face with my fear face, and I sigh relief.

"'Mione? Are you okay?" He asks softly and slowly.

I nod at once, and he smiles slightly while he stands up because he blends down.

"How did you getting in here?" I shiver.

Harry turns around to see, as I expected, Ron where he stands at the door after he gives me a sweet smile and I follow his direction toward Ron.

I don't understand why did he finally look at me... 

Because of him, he never looks at me when I enter the house and never talk to me or see me while I was here...

Finally, he looks at me.

After the great war between Voldemort and Harry Potter, we have a deal between his mum and his dad, so they don't know that we were dating, but I don't like this.

"Good morning, Ron," I say formally.

Ron gives me a head up, and he says with his usual smile:



No kiss? 

With that, he walks away to leave us, and Harry turns back to see me with the confused look on his face.

"Don't ask..." I mumble.

With that, I get up, and I took a shower, at the same, I thought about Ron's problem.

I understand that Ron lost his beloved one of the twins as he died in the great war and his name is Fred.

Today is 31st July 1998.

That means it's Harry Potter's birthday.

Of course, we had a letter to letter to talk each other.

What am I doing here?

I once had a family and put a spell on them to make them forget about me as I have no choice, but they didn't understand that death eater wants to kill all the muggle's family.

So I ask Mrs Weasley to have me in this family and have a spare room... 

I sigh sadly.

And Darco?

I don't know where he is.

I still hate him as he calls me "Mudblood" and so did he too...

Have you noticed that he looks handsome lately?

Hell yeah!

I sigh dreamily, and I get off the shower as I wrap the towel around my body.

What am I thinking?


I shake it off my head, and I sigh sadly.

I guess...

That's a new beginning, after all!

"Hermione, dear! Your owl arrived." Mrs Weasley calls out toward me.


It meant the letter arrived!

"I'm coming."



Hey, everyone!


For you, Dramione Fans!

I also love Dramione fanfiction!


Don't hate me for Ron and Hermione thing!

Take care! Xxx

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