New Love?! (Dramione Fanfiction)

What if Draco and Hermione fall in love each other IF Hemione doesn't feel loved by Ron?


4. Chapter 2: A New friend

New Love?!

Chapter 2: A New Friend



Hermione's P.O.V

Today's the day we, as adult students, have to get on the train that where goes to Hogwarts expect for Draco.

He doesn't arrive yet.

I'm not worried about him.

I was worried about him not arrive yet. 

I look around to find Draco as I stood next to Ron in hand to hand.

Because Ron said that to me there are so many people around here.

Why did I feel not loved by him?

Is that why he was worried about people or me?

I sigh sadly and look down on the ground.

I went to Diagon Alley yesterday to get my stuff, and it's annoying, same old hand to hand things from Ron.

I guess, so he's boring after all!

Then suddenly I saw the black smart shoe and Suit Trousers.


Is that-

A hand of this person reach out and put it on my cheek as I saw the perfect pale skin.

With that, I look up a little by little as I saw the smart black suit until I stop to look at these blue/grey eyes.


That's Draco Malfoy!

The boy who I hate.

He leans down too close toward my mouth like face to face, and I tried to tip in, but he stops me by using his hand on my shoulder.

"Speaking of Devil..." Draco says with his Ron's-Wired voice and nice smiles.

I shake my head as I close my eyes and I still look down on the ground.

It must be daydreaming!

Why him?!

Did I-

Did I lean in-

I look up at Draco Malfoy walks down in two rows with his mother, and I can see him smile a little.

It didn't sound like a devil smile but sweet, friendly smile. 

"There he is! I must kill him because of him, his father must send him to kill all the mudblood," Ron says angrily.

Shut up, Ron!

He was about to walk toward where Draco heads when he lets my hand go, and I tried to stop him, but Harry stops him first.

Harry shakes his head and turns around to see him.

"I can see Draco but can we see Lucius go with them?" He asks.

With that, we look back at Draco, no found Lucius, and we look at each other in confusedly.

Maybe if I could talk to him-

Ron interrupts my thought as he turns around to see me as he looks concerned and he took my hand in his hand.


So he finally shows his expression to show me to protect me. 

"So, what did we do with him?" Ron asks concernedly as he looks at Harry.


Harry's the leader, now?!

I sigh sadly as I look down on the ground.

I wonder if I could talk to him.

I look back at Draco's face to look at me as he was about to get on the train and our hands intertwining together as I follow his direction.

I look away from our hands to look at Draco as I sigh sadly and he looks at me with his confused/sad face.

He took a last look on our hands and looked away from it to get on the train.


I was so confused.

"Nothing! We doing nothing to him." That was Harry replies.

We all look at him as we look up at the leader and Ron was the first who broke our hands to ani-intertwining as I was surprised.

I scoff, and I was about to walk forward to get on the train, but Ron stops me by grabbing my arm.

"Whoa! We need to protect you from passing by Draco's train." Ron says.

"Let me go..." I say softly with my sad face.

"Not to protect you from Draco!" He raises his voice when he calls Draco's name.

I was shocked when he sounds disgusted, and I turn around to see him when I was angry.

"Don't do it to 'him'! We all arriving just like students, just like old times!" I shout as I tried to pull away from his strong grips.

"Ron!" Harry calls out to him.

With that, everyone looks at us in suspicious as they don't know that we're secretly dating and I sigh annoyedly as I look around to see everyone even my friends as well.

Ginny knew this by the way. 



Go on!

Acting as a protective boyfriend! 

"Fine..." He loses his grip while he looks at me with his angry face.

I sigh sadly as I frowned and I get on the train.

I wish I could take it but I couldn't! 

I have the tears in my both eyes, not now, I have to hold it, I guess so. 

I walk through so many people in the train and then I saw Draco looks at the window alone.

We were enemies before 'That' happening, and I'm not sure what's happening after this. 


Draco's P.O.V

Inevitably, Hermione chooses Ron over me, and I found that... 

I paused my thought, and I turn around to see everyone was staring at me as I give them a beautiful, friendly smile.

...I was alone all the way to Hogwarts, and of course, that was fake smile to show them that I'm fine, but I'm not fine.

You can see it but other people, not!

I sigh sadly, and then I saw Hermione look down on the floor, walking through so many people.

I wish she chooses me instead of Ron, but she got him.

I feel wired to call his real name, not Weaslbee.

I sigh sadly, and I quickly turn away from her, unfortunately, were about to bawl it out, face to look at the window.

She almost caught me to staring at her, that's why.

After I let her pass by me, Ron gives me a glaring face when I look at Ron and Harry gives me serious face when he quickly sat down on the opposite of where I sit down as the train make him fall. 

I was surprised that he takes it and he looks up at me as I frowned. 

Harry Potter!

He lives!

So, that mean Voldemort wasn't alive anymore.


That also mean I'm free now!

I smile a little.

"Hey..." He greets as he didn't get eye contact to me while he looks down on his lap.

"Hey. Listen, I wasn't planning to do to kill this muggle-wizards or witches over my father's order while I'm here, trust me. I'm done with this!" I explain sadly while Harry looks up at me in surprise.

We sat here in silence as we stared at each other and we wait to say something first, but Harry says something first.

"We- I appreciate it but if my friend, Ron, says something roughly about you. Just don't listen to him." I was surprised at first.

I wonder if Harry likes me as the friend?

I own him to save my life, to not leave me in the fire. 

"Okay!" I nod. 

Then, we remain silence moments, and I look back at the window as I was sad.

It's funny when we arrived as we were little boys, 11 years old.

It's been eight years!

Why do I hate him?

Harry stands up, and he was about to walks away, but I say something to stop him.

"You know... I did tell Professor McGonagall about my father and..." I pause.

I look down on the table as I place my hand to set on the table and then I heard Harry, unexpected, sit down where he sits recently.

I look up at his curious face slowly, and he nods by listening to what I say.

I nod back with a smile a little, and I look down on the table.

"My father's in the Azkaban prison for now. I'm free!" I laugh nervously.

Harry looks surprised when I look up at him, and he shakes it off.

"So... Believe me, it's finally relief. Because we can start our hangout." Harry says as he gives me a nice smile.

"Yes, I would love it!" I smile wild.

"Well... I'll start to introduce first." He pauses.

He clears his throat, and he sits up like straight.

With that, he holds his hand out in the air as he reaches toward me and he waits for me to shake it, but I take it.

"I'm Harry, your new friend."

"I'm Draco." I shake it off.



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