New Love?! (Dramione Fanfiction)

What if Draco and Hermione fall in love each other IF Hemione doesn't feel loved by Ron?


3. Chapter 1: Letter?!

New Love?!

Chapter 1: Letter?!



Draco P.O.V

A snowy owl comes in the window as it sits on the another chair and I look up to start at it from reading the book as I was sitting on my bed.

A letter?

I sigh annoyingly, and I get up.

You got to be kidding!

I don't want to be annoying or something else...

I breathe in and sigh out of sadness.

Thinking of it, that was just a prank from my 'friends'.

I saw a logo on the envelope further that I can be as a snowy owl threw the letter toward where I sit, and it flew away.

I reach my hand on the letter, and I pick it up as I flip it quickly.

I was shocked, and I threw it away from me as I was panicked.

Bloody hell!

Did you know what it means?

It is Hogwarts, most all of Wizardry and Witchcraft of the School in England. 

Draco Malfoy DOESN'T need to go to that stupid school!

I sigh sadly and put my hand on my kneecap as I was panicked, more than before.


I don't need to go to that school because of my friends, and they will look at me like they're now scared of me, a Death Eater.

During the great war between Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort, I was running away from the war and leaving my friends in there...

I sigh sadly.

I wish I could not meet Harry Potter in the first year if I'm not there but I had to because of my bloodline, my father didn't care about me but care about the bloodline. 

I guess Dad was a coward not to fight and Mum, I can't believe, stood beside Dad.

I sigh annoyingly.

I don't want to be this 'father'...

I breathe in and out at the same time as I pick the letter. 

I open it, and it speaks in human language.

"Dear Draco Malfoy, I would like to congratulation you to come again at the school and I would like to give you second chance to being year 7 again. I wish I could see you again. But for your father-" The front door interrupted the letter. 

Someone knocks the front door as I was scared and the letter continues to say something.

"-I would like to arrest him for being a Death eater, force you to become Lord Voldemort's Death eater and want you become Ministry of Magic. It's what I promised to you... I also sent Ministry of Magic and council to decide to send him the Azkaban prison. I hope you have a nice evening. Professor McGonagall."

As the charter ripped itself and it's on the bed as the gold ticket appeared on the palm of my hand. 

I breathe in as the woman, mum, screams in horror and I breathed out when Dad called my name as I walk in the hallway while I look at the coward with my angry expression.

I remember when I told Professor McGonagall about Dad forcing me into Lord Voldemort's team before the Great Wars and she understands how I feel! 

Dad deserve it!

I walk downstairs to see Dad was holding by two guards.

How did they find us?

Oh, right!

The owl!

"Draco! Please!" Dad sobs.

"Tell them the truth, son!"

I say nothing to my father.

Everyone looks at me, and I look away from Dad to see Mum as I walk toward Mum.

"I told them, Dad, about everything," I pause as I didn't look at Dad's face and stand beside Mum's side.

"Son! Draco, you'll need me! One day! I'll be there for you!" He shouts as he tried to come to me but two guards hold him down.

'Need', he says?

Since when did I need him?

I turn around to see my coward father who begs for staying not guilty and I walk a bit closer toward Dad as I was about to say something. 

"I don't need you, Dad! I don't need to become a coward like you and left my 'dear friends' who possibly died in the great war!" I paused as I was shocked to say something like this.

I sigh sadly, and I stood straight

Just like my father as he teaches me how to become a great Ministry of Magic before this coward.

I never want this!

"I'm going back to Hogwarts to start looking for love and that's..." I pause after I blend down to see Dad.

That make me a horrified, yes, but he deserve it, and I don't care about this! 

I just want to leave here and return to Hogwarts with fresh brand new me.

I sigh dramatically.

"...Why I don't have a time from looking for love. I don't want you to get in my way." I say softly.

With that, two guards drag Dad to go outside, and I breathe out because I hold my breath.

I follow them as Ministry of Magic comes toward me and about to bow to me, but I stop him.

"No... Don't bow to me." I say as I give him a friendly smile.

"Oh, No... That bow is for apologies. I never bow to you because of your bloodline." Ministry of Magic says as he gives me a little bow and walks away with my father, and his guard.

Kingsley Shacklebolt.


He's survived the Great War after all!

That's why he looks so familiar.

I sigh sadly, and I see my father for last time before they Disapparate.

I'm finally free from my dad.

Hermione, wait for me!

And I'm sorry to call you Mudblood.

"Draco..." Mum says as she sounds sad.

I turn around to see her stand outside of the house alone and I run toward where she stood there as I walk her get inside the house while I take her hand.

"I'm sorry, Mum. I took some power from Dad but he's-" She interrupted my sentence.

"A Coward. Yes, I know. He's so weak and thought about protected you." She explains.

When we enter the living room while we talk, I put her to sit on her usual spot on the sofa and look at me as I take a seat on the left side on the couch.

"You know Hogwart's where we fell in love because he's so strong and handsome when we were your age. I know you like this girl... What's her name?" She explains.

With that, I was shocked when she was about to say her name while I get up and I sit down slowly with my expressionless.

She doesn't know what's her name or whatnot.

But I was relieved because of this.

I sigh relief.

"Oh, it doesn't matter if you like this girl... I'm so happy to see that you're in love!" She gives me a motherly hug while she smiles more than before that I haven't seen in while ago.

I love this smile and this hug.

I smile back and hug back.

Hermione, here I go!



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