Cruise Ship

handler om pigen Arya der skal på Cruise ship med hendes famille og møder 3 kende kende Youtuber. Det er navne jeg har fundet på så det er ikke en fanfiction. Er ordblind så der er måske være stave fejl


1. start

I pay the taxi man and get out of the taxi. Look up on the big cruise ship. I can't believe that my parents have given me and my twin brother a cruise for birthday present. I think they have given the Cruise to us because, they have missed me and want us 4 to be together again. I'm moved to London about a year. Now and last time I have been at home was for Christmas. That is 6 months ago. The taxi man takes my bags out of the car. I smile to him and say “thank you” and give him some extra money. He smiles back and lifts his hat.

My heart is beating so fast in my chest when I walk up to the ship. I walk in too the lobby and still my bag and walk over to the reception desk. There comes a girl from a door behind the desk. She looked at me wet a smiled. “Hi my name is…..” she looked behind me “can you be nice and step to the side” I walked to the side and looked back a see a tree boy standing right behind me. The girl smile exaggerated “what can I do for your tree boys” one of them takes a step forward and put his elbows on the table and smiles to the girl “can we get our room number and keys” the girl smile “what are your names” she giggles and looks at the boy. I find my mobile and se there was a snap from my brother, a picture of a pool and a text where are you! I take a picture of the lobby and writing I’m in the lobby. A voice “can you please don`t take pictures of us” I turned around and looked the boy who had talked whit the girl. I looked at him smiled and put my mobile in his face “is this a picture of you” he looked at the                           

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