Friendly Birds

Friendship between Birds
Bird are best in sharing and helping eachother


1. friendship

A dense forest fillled with tall trees,beautiful flowers.There lived animals and birds and insects.In this story we are going to see the friendship among the groups of birds. 

Once there was group of parrots lived in the nest of tall tree.In the nest two parrots was sharing everything and they have good friendship.But in that nest one red parrot will be alone and wont be friendly with anyone.One day Green parrot said to the Red parrot that you are alone and not being friendly without friends you are going to face the problems.The red parrot said OK OK !!! we can see....i dont want to be friendly with anyone.So green parrot replied dont be Rude.

One day there was huge rain and red parrot had not travel to get food.So there was no food to eat.At that time two Blue parrots were eating the food such as leech and nuts.The red parrot saw that asked food.The Blue parrots replied no i dont have enough food and i cant give it.So that Red parrot decided to fly and search food in that rain.While red parrot flying to search food due to Heavy wind it cant fly and it was tried helpless and fell down.

On the way Green parrot saw the Red parrot in rainy mud so it came with his friends such as peacock and yellow parrots and helped Red parrot and took it to the nest and gave food to it.

Next Morning a fanstastic colourful rainbow near the forest all the birds came outside and saw them and made sounds happily.

On that day there was a fox that was seeing the birds and decided to catch and eat them. The fox saw the Green parrot sitting on the grass.So the fox went backside slowly to catch the Greenbird to eat it.

The Redparrot saw that and made sounds and throwed sticks and nuts on the fox.The fox got ran away. 

The green parrot came with tears and huged the Red parrot and they became Friends and shared everything day by day.They started to help animals and grow their friendship.

This story was dedicated to all my Family.

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