Love like Black magic~ A Hetalia X Harry potter UsUk Fanfiction

A love blossoms at Hogwarts between a slytherin and a gryffindor, Arthur Kirkland, a quiet, intelligent lad and Alfred f. Jones, Humours and quite handsome boy. How will the story unwind?


4. The not so secret relationship..

A few days after Alfred kissed Arthur, Arthur had kept their relationship a secret so did Alfred, He didnt want to break the promise to Arthur, but in the gryffindor common room there was a game of truth or dare with Francis Bonnefoy, a supposed perverted french man, Matthew Williams which was Alfred's brother and Kiku Honda, a shy but also very creative boy. They all sat down on the couch in front of the fire place and started truth or dare, Kiku choose first, he had chosen Francis, Alfred's thoughts were rushing through his head, What if they ask him if he's in a relationship? What if he told them? What would Arthur say? Alfred played it off, but in his head he was panicking, more than he had ever panicked before, and trust me thats a lot. Francis gave a perverted smirk and looked towards Alfred "Truth or dare Alfred~" Alfred gulped "Truth" Francis's smirk grew on his face as he whispered with the two boys and back at Alfred "So is there anyone you like? not like friend, you know what i mean" Francis smirked "Y-Yeah" He said quietly. Francis went over to him "Who is it, i promise i won't tell anyone~" Alfred shook his head "I'm not telling" Francis giggled "Well if you're not  going to tell us you have to take a piece of clothing off~" Francis winked, looking at his trousers, "Francis, don't rush him.." Matthew butted in. Kiku nodded in agreement "Yes, Matthew is right" Kiku said quietly. Francis grunted "Fine, but he has to tell us" Alfred said Arthur quite quietly, Francis heard this "Who?~" Alfred gulped "A-Arthur" Everybody gasped "Wow i never thought that~" Francis said sarcastically. Alfred hid his face in his hands, now panicking more, He needs to tell Arthur but he would be mad at him, but if he didn't then Arthur could tell that he was lying and that would make him mad too, so it was a lose, lose situation, Alfred sighed, thinking about it for the rest of the night.    

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