Love like Black magic~ A Hetalia X Harry potter UsUk Fanfiction

A love blossoms at Hogwarts between a slytherin and a gryffindor, Arthur Kirkland, a quiet, intelligent lad and Alfred f. Jones, Humours and quite handsome boy. How will the story unwind?


2. An Accidental Love Interest..

Arthur and Alfred eventually arrived at the library and looked through various bookshelves of magic spells, Arthur gasped as he found the one he was looking for, but he couldn't reach it, He looked over at Alfred "Alfred could you grab that book for me? i'm to short to reach it" He blushed a little and looked up at him Alfred replied "Of course Arthur" He smiled grabbing the book and handing it to Arthur. Arthur looked up at him and smiled "Thank you" taking the book and sitting down at a table, Alfred followed after him and sat down next to Arthur. Arthur started flipping through the pages, smiling at some of the extraordinary spells he seen, Alfred watched as he tested some of the spells out and smiled "As anyone told you that you are really good at magic" Alfred said, looking at Arthur, Arthur smiled at him "No you're the first one to say that" He blushed lightly "Thanks". Alfred smiled "No problem dude" Arthur yawned a little and closed the book, handing it to Alfred "Could you take this back for me?" He smiled up at him, Alfred nodded, getting up and putting the book back and sitting back down with Arthur. Arthur smiled and checked his watch "I'm sorry i have to go now, would you meet me on the field later?" Alfred blushed lightly and nodded "Sure Iggy" Alfred got up and smiled "See you then" Alfred said before walking off. Arthur smiled and replied "Yes see you then Alfie" He blushed a little, also walking off, Arthur felt something weird in his heart, maybe it was love, or just indigestion but he kinda liked it

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