Love like Black magic~ A Hetalia X Harry potter UsUk Fanfiction

A love blossoms at Hogwarts between a slytherin and a gryffindor, Arthur Kirkland, a quiet, intelligent lad and Alfred f. Jones, Humours and quite handsome boy. How will the story unwind?


5. A Unexpected Lovers Quarrel..

After the truth or dare game, Alfred was a little scared to tell Arthur, but he needed to, Alfred sighed and went to find Arthur in the field, where he normally is, Alfred eventually found Arthur, his nose in a book of spells, as always but it seemed like he was agitated. Francis had spread Alfred's and Arthur's relationship around all of Slytherin and Gryffindor, so Arthur had heard and been made fun of. "Hey Arthur" Alfred said sitting next to him Arthur looked at him and scooted away "Don't talk to me" Alfred gasped a little and sighed "Huh why?" Arthur sniffled "Y-You told people about us when i strictly told you not to do it, how could you do that to me?" He said quietly "I-I was forced by Francis" Alfred sighed. Arthur looked at him, getting angry "How could you trust him?" Arthur groaned. Alfred replied "He said he wouldn't tell anyone " Arthur shouted at him "That still doesn't answer my question" Alfred shrugged and sniffled, Arthur glared at Alfred before getting up and walking away "Goodbye Alfred.." Alfred got up, grabbing his arm "Please don't leave me.." Arthur got his hand out of Alfred's grip and stormed off crying but still mad at Alfred what he did             

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