Love like Black magic~ A Hetalia X Harry potter UsUk Fanfiction

A love blossoms at Hogwarts between a slytherin and a gryffindor, Arthur Kirkland, a quiet, intelligent lad and Alfred f. Jones, Humours and quite handsome boy. How will the story unwind?


1. A Magical Friendship~

Arthur had walked into class a little late that day, no one knew why but he sat himself down and sighed. Alfred scooted closer to Arthur and smiled, looking at him with loving eyes, Arthur looked back at him, a smile forming on his face then quickly disappearing, looking back down at his work, Alfred sighed happily watching him write, he had always loved his writing, he kept on admiring his hand work. Arthur quickly noticed him and blushed lightly "W-What are you looking at?" Arthur said looking at him, a little confused. Alfred blushed deeply and looked away regretting what he had done, he thought to himself that Arthur thinks he's a crazy person. Arthur grunted "Fine ignore me then" He went back to writing. Alfred looked back at him and sighed "Sorry Arthur" He replied. Arthur looked back at him "It's alright I guess" Arthur glanced at Alfred's work "You have not done any work? why is that?" Alfred smiled a little "I was admiring your writing" Alfred replied. Arthur had gone a little pink and smiled a little back at him "I'll let you copy mine if you want" Alfred nodded, copying down arthurs work, changing a few words as he went along, other than Arthur's hand writing Alfred also loved his vocabulary it was so complicated, which hypnotised him. Arthur smiled as they were dismissed, getting up and heading to the library, going to study for positions. Alfred caught up to him "Hey iggy!" He shouted and smiled. Arthur turned around "Huh?, oh hello Alfred" a smile creeping on his face "So where you going?" Alfred replied. Arthur shrugged "I am just going to the library to study, care to join me" He smiled, waiting for a response. Alfred blushed "Really? you wouldn't mind" Arthur shook his head "Of course I wouldn't you silly, come on lets go" Arthur smiled, gently grabbing Alfred's hand and walking to the library. Alfred smiled and went a light shade of pink, following him... 

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