Love like Black magic~ A Hetalia X Harry potter UsUk Fanfiction

A love blossoms at Hogwarts between a slytherin and a gryffindor, Arthur Kirkland, a quiet, intelligent lad and Alfred f. Jones, Humours and quite handsome boy. How will the story unwind?


3. A Lovely day on the field

Arthur had waited patiently until his class ended, when it did he walked to the field, sitting on a nearby bench, waiting for Alfred. Alfred eventually got there and sat next to Arthur "Sorry I was late I kinda got in trouble" Alfred chuckled nervously. Arthur giggled quietly "You silly" Arthur blushed and looked at him, Alfred blushed and giggled "You're red Arthur" Alfred smiled, noticing Arthur blushing. Arthur turned bright red and covered his face with his scarf out of embarrassment "No I'm not" Arthur said, his speech muffled in his scarf. Alfred giggled "Uh huh, okay then Iggy" Alfred raised his eyebrow. Arthur looked at him, pulling his scarf away from his face, still a little embarrassed, "Okay maybe i was blushing. B-But that doesn't mean i like you like that or anything" He looked away from him while saying that, clearly lieing. Alfred scooted closer to him "Uh huh, then why aren't you looking at me then?" Arthur shrugged, still looking away from him. Alfred sighed"Alright then, if you say so" Arthur peeked at him and smiled a little, Alfred noticed this and smiled at him, Alfred thought to himself, just kiss him now its the perfect chance, it was like his conscious was telling him to.. Alfred sighed "Hey Arthur?" Arthur turned to him, Arthur's face fully exposed "What is it Alfre-" before Arthur could finish his sentence, Alfred cupped Arthur's cheeks and kissed him, Alfred quickly pulled away and blushed deeply before looking away, Arthur was speechless and smiled a little, butterflies flying around in his stomach, Arthur kissed Alfred on the cheek and smiled up at him. Alfred chuckled awkwardly and turned back to him and smiled" I thought you would hate me if I did"  Alfred said, looking down at the floor, Arthur giggled a little looking at him "Don't be silly, why would i hate you Alfred, I've known you for ages, I would never hate you, no matter what you do, I-I will always love you.." Alfred looked back at him, smiling "You really mean it?" His eyes filled with hope. Arthur nodded, Alfred felt like he was dreaming, he did not want anyone to wake him up, but he wasn't dreaming, it was real. Alfred tackled Arthur with a bone crushing like hug.. "I love you Arthur.." Arthur smiled,hugging him back gently "I love you too, but we have to keep it a secret, you know considering we are in different houses" Arthur sighed. Alfred sighed happily "I don't care, i still love you" He giggled "But i will keep it a secret" Arthur nodded "Good"

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