Steven Will's - Dream Walker's Poetry Booklet # 1

This is my poetry booklet, and in this collection of poems, these will be personal and made from my heart. I hope you guys enjoy them! ( I will slowly be adding more personal poetry to this movella)


5. Forever 21

Forever 21

I remember when I was 10 and you were 21.

You were so happy, and so overjoyed. 

You were making plans for you're wedding.

Even picked out a song.

So eager, to only have it be tragically left unsung.

We ran out of time.

It was one almost happy ending that turned into a

never ending tragic desparity. 

I remember the words they used to tell me that day.

I knew from the start that it wasn't a bad dream.

It was reality. The world had taken you away from me.

It saddens me extremely knowing that you won't be

having another birthday.

Another moment spent with me.

In my mind... you are still here laughing at something funny

we saw on tv.

and in my heart, no one has taken you away from me.

There's no happy ending, so we keep pretending.

and believe that you are still here with us, as we

go about our day.

Because 21 years are not nearly enough, you should have stayed.

I'm now in an never ending nightmare.

But I know you're still here and there.

You're spiritual presence comforting me so I can bare.

As I go about my days.

I remember you're smile from so long ago.

It seems like yesterday, yet so long ago. 

I still find that I cannot let you go beautiful dear sister with a heart of gold.

I honor you everyday, and especially on

you're birthdays, even though I know you

haven't aged.

You are forever young.

My shining star.

The one that will always watch over me.

I love you Kaye.

For all of eternity.

May you rest in peace.

















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