Steven Will's - Dream Walker's Poetry Booklet # 1

This is my poetry booklet, and in this collection of poems, these will be personal and made from my heart. I hope you guys enjoy them! ( I will slowly be adding more personal poetry to this movella)


4. Christmas Isn't The Same Without You

Christmas Isn't The Same Without You

Christmas has arrived again today. 

I feel happiness but also dismay.

It's just another day without you.


The Christmas spirit has been low for 

the last four, about to be five years due to

the fact that you're not with us anymore.

Christmas just isn't the same with you.


Every Christmas, I wonder where the gift

that says: To Kristina is at.

All I can say is I'm lost at that. 

It's another big moment that you're missing

out sis. 

You're passing tore me and my family apart 

like ripping a sheet of paper in half. 

You were all that I had.

But, now I have to be strong and celebrate 

Christmas day with a smile on my face. 

I know that you're soul still roams around in

this place. 

I hope you're proud of who I'm becoming,

and don't think of me as a bit of a disgrace.

I've grieved you in a lot of ways. 

But, now I've got to celebrate this day.

Sometimes I feel like it's been a decade

and sometimes I feel like it's been since yesterday.

But, today I celebrate with you in my heart.

I love you sis. 

Merry Christmas.

Christmas isn't the same without you. 



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