Steven Will's - Dream Walker's Poetry Booklet # 1

This is my poetry booklet, and in this collection of poems, these will be personal and made from my heart. I hope you guys enjoy them! ( I will slowly be adding more personal poetry to this movella)


1. Bring Me To The Light

Bring Me To The Light

In my broken mind, and my shattered heart.

I'm falling all apart.

Satan's teeth are razor sharp.

Satan barking senseless order.

I must have some kind of disorder.

I'm frozen in horror.

Why?, this never used to happen before.

I'm traumatized, I don't know if I can take much more.

Satan's darkness, and my used to be brightness.

Satan plans to dominate this planet, but first he must make everyone


Satan had dimmed my light, but could I make it right, and

turn it bright?

I prayed each night. Hopefully by next blight it will end.

God please repent me for my sins.

In for which it would truly end.

I shall descend down the path of light. 

I hope that my soul would then be filled with light, and shine bright.

I have survived through many cold and bitter nights.

My mind had been taunted quite rather nice.

Satan had played me as if I were a common device.

I'm not you're pawn Satan, and you shall be gone by dawn.

Through the dark hollow halls, and desperate calls.

I am no longer answering you're devious calls.

Because with god, I am light.

and with Satan, I am darkness.

I chose the light. 

Now god please help me get through this dreadful night.

I am now among the light.

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