Steven Will's - Dream Walker's Poetry Booklet # 1

This is my poetry booklet, and in this collection of poems, these will be personal and made from my heart. I hope you guys enjoy them! ( I will slowly be adding more personal poetry to this movella)


2. Anime


Anime is my favorite subject.

You never know what to expect.

Anime has earned my respect.

I'm an anime fan at best.

Especially when it comes down to this.

It doesn't take long before I begin

to miss it. 

Anime does tend to be explicit. 

However, I don't care because

it keeps me interested. 

Anime eyes, and body 

proportions are exaggerated 

Although, it's over rated

i'm still interested.

Anime characters are 

usually dirty minded

although I like that because

I'm like minded.

Anime music is spectacular.

It makes me wanna be a traveler.

I might get an anime fever. 

Because I'm a true believer. 

I'm an anime practitioner.

Because I'm an anime lover.

I'm so obsessed, If my 

favorite anime character dies 

I get so upset. 

When people say are you ready yet?

I'd say hell yes. 

I'm an otaku and if 

you're gonna stand in my way

I'll fight you till my last days.

When an anime show is over

I find myself dazed. 

Then the next day, I'd find 

another anime.

I'd be attached to it in so many ways.

If anime hater's stand in my way

I'd recommend for them to go away.

Otherwise, we'd be arguing all day.

Then by the end of the day were both in dismay.

Because we didn't get our way. 

But it's okay because I can find other

people like me that are just the same 


So overall, I'm okay.

I've been this way ever since

my sister had passed away. 

I've grew fond to be like her every day. 

I followed her ways. 

Now, I stand today 

loving anime as I do 


Anime makes me cheerier than 

the month of may.

When all the flowers begin to display.

I like the flowers too, but I'd rather watch

anime all day.

Me, and my sister had a lot of stuff in common

especially in this way.

Although, I didn't know until she

had tragically passed away.

When I see anime on live,

It makes me feel alive.

I have no idea why.

Otherwise, I feel like my soul has died.

Yet, I know I'm still alive. 

Which is a good thing, because 

I can make her proud and 

hopefully there wont be any doubts. 

Being an anime fan makes me happy

especially if no one gets snappy.

Anime is my life, and hopefully there

won't be any strife.

But either way I'll love it till the day I die.

Anime makes me feel alive.

Escaping from all of the drama, and

slipping into my mental coma.

Anime makes me happy especially 

with things like this. 

Now I'm in an eternal bliss.

When I'm in my happy place. 

Anime makes me dream

One day I wanna be like thee. 

Although, I know I'll have to work 

till the seventh thee each week. 

One day I wanna enter in a 

competition and I don't wanna 

be weak. 

Right now I'm kind of a meek, 

but I'm happy because I'm a geek,

that's working on my dreams.

Don't you see?

I don't wanna be thought of as a reject,

I'm just trying to be perfect.

I want people to admire me for 

my heart and for my anime piece.

Anime makes me wanna be like this.

So again, I guess this is my bliss.

I'm happy with just the way that it is. 

Anime is my happy place, and 

I don't feel as if I were misplaced.

Especially when I'm creating an anime piece. 

So when I'm in my happy place, I'm at peace.

Anime is something I admire, and

is also something I long to desire. 

I will never grow tired.

Anime is my favorite subject.

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