Steven Will's - Dream Walker's Poetry Booklet # 1

This is my poetry booklet, and in this collection of poems, these will be personal and made from my heart. I hope you guys enjoy them! ( I will slowly be adding more personal poetry to this movella)


3. 2012


2012 was a year that traumatized me.

My mind lost at sea. 

Bring my sanity back to me. 

Hear my plea.

Save me from this

wretched bad dream. 

Hope had been lost.

To a tragic cause. 

2012 was a year that I

can only remember fragments of.

The year that took away someone

I loved. 

2012 was the year that I lost

someone I had once held dear.

My sister.

She had a beautiful smile

and had an energetic spirit

like a child. 

How could I lose someone this early?

It's not fair at all really. 

My sister had made me happy.

Whenever she came into the room

I was enchanted, and my mind

was thinking positively. 

However, when I lost her 

my mind was thinking rather 


I lost her way too early.

It's just not fair really.

All I can remember that year

was losing someone I had held so


All I can remember is seeing her laying there 

cold, not moving.

Her skin was pale.

Her eyes were shut.

I tried to think of it

as if she was sick.

However that couldn't stick.

That day when I had to face what

I had feared.

That day when I had thought back

on the memories that we

had shared. 

That moment I had to say goodbye,

and in that moment a part of me died. 

Because part of me belonged to her.

Strangely, it did.

I remember the day I took some of her 

belonging's, and I was crying.

This was horrifying.

I had to face the fact every morning.

It hurts me.

It still does. 

I forgot her voice,

I forgot how to make the wisest of choices.

I was gone,

and so was my mom.

I feared my mind, and heart would be too

far gone.

However, it's not.

Because from that day forward,

I was going to make her proud.

The only way that I would ever

be able to stand tall, and 

accept myself with confidence

and pride.

Losing my sister made me cry.

Losing my sister caused a part of me to die.

However, I always wonder if i could

resurrect this part of me in time.

2012 is the year that I will always hate.

Because it put me in a empty slate.

I hate this year as strongly as I did,

up to date. 

I lost my sister at the age of 21.

She is forever 21,

and I'll always face the fact 

that she's gone. 


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