Family Diary

It's only yellow because you never know. Anyway's I'm putting this on here so My little siblings can also right in here since they are always on my electronics. My 16 year old sister Dymen will right DT after everything she rights. My other little sister is 6 her name is Chada after everything she writes she will put CT. And my little brother who is 4 is named Skyler and with the help of me he will put ST. As for me I will put RA, the reason my last name is different is because my last name is our dad's last name as theirs is our mom's last name.


2. Stupid Big Sister


         I am not going through a 'phase' Rose just can't accept that this is the real me. I would totally delete her chapter, but if I did I would get in trouble. I can't wait until I'm 18, then it's bye bye Rose. SO I hope you read this, and don't you dare come in my room if you dare, or else I will break your sewing machine and destroy your fashion clothes thingy. I am so glad she made this, now I don't have to talk to her haha. dt

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