Out Of My Limit

All I ever focused on was Dancing��
Now all I could focus on was him��


2. Meeting Him

I woke up before my alarm. I was more nervous now than ever! I had to dress to impress... I decided to wear basic clothes so he couldn't tell I was making an effort. I wore my white and black Adidas tee, black skinny jeans an my Adidas Superstars. I went to the bathroom, brushed my teeth and went for a shower. After my shower I put my makeup on. Red lipstick, always flirty ;)!

I went downstairs for breakfast. "Morning mum." She turned around. "Morning my little celebrity!" I laughed "it's not that serious mum." She glared at me "you can't be serious!" I giggled at her and ate my breakfast. It was 1 hour before we finally got to this huge building with Agent Inc. I waved my mum off and took a deep breath. He was in there... I brushed myself off and walked over to the main door.

I pressed the buzzer and waited patiently. ' please state your name and reason for being here.' I took a deep breath. "my names Jade Elizebeth and I'm here to film the Sweatshirt video with Jacob Sartorius." Next thing I knew a man with a black suit came out and welcomed me in. "Jacobs just getting ready, your hair, makeup and clothes will be done now, right this way Miss Elizebeth." Wow! I was half nervous half excited! As we walked towards the dressing rooms I saw my name on a door with a star around it. It all felt like a dream... "Here's your room ma'am, make yourself comfortable the stylist will collect you as soon as she's set up." I nodded and walked in. He closed the door behind me. As I looked around I saw a desk, a makeup dresser and a fridge. Yay! Foodddd! I sat down and waited for the Stylist.

About 10 minutes later there was a knock on my door. I stood up and answered it expecting it to be my stylist. "Hey I've been expecting yo-." It wasn't my stylist...


" oh you were?" He giggled at me. I face palmed myself and just laughed. " I just came to tell you that if you want to get your hair done with me now you can? Gives us chance to get closer like my agent said." He winked at me. I was completely speechless. Jacob Sartorius was stood outside my dressing room door winking at me... "Yeah I'll just get my jacket and I'll come with you." I said. He was way more attractive in real life.

I grabbed my jacket and quickly checked myself in the mirror. Ugh. I'm pretty sure he saw me look because he smiled at me. Wow that smile was beautiful. I couldn't help but stare at him...

We finally got to the makeup studio and he introduced me to the stylist Lauren. " hi I'm Lauren, I have an awesome causal hairstyle for you." She smiled at me. Jacob go over to Callum he'll do your hair for you now." He looked at me and said "meet me straight after your done?" I nodded. Lauren guided me to the chair and sat me down. "Okay so the scene is school so I was thinking down and curly or wavy just to show that your not putting too much effort in because it's only for school, okay?" I nodded again. "You look nervous, do you know Jacob already?" Lauren asked. "Obviously I mean it's Jacob Sartorius I watch all his musicallys, his YouTube videos, everything, he's amazing." Lauren giggled. "He's such a nice person honestly I love working with him, he always makes my laugh." I smiled.

After about half an hour later my hair was done. "There you go Jade, Beautiful!" I looked in the mirror and smiled. For once I actually had a good hair day! "Come on I'll start on makeup." We walked over to a beautiful dressing table. After about 45 minutes she told me to open my eyes. I gazed at my reflection for a few minutes. "You okay there?" Lauren laughed. I looked so pretty... Why could she teach me to do make up like that?!

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