Out Of My Limit

All I ever focused on was Dancing��
Now all I could focus on was him��


1. Dance Studio


Ugh another day at my dance studio. I mean I love to dance but the early mornings are killing me. I got up out of bed and put on my black leggings and a plain white tee. I quickly tied my hair up and ran out of the house.

I drove to the studio and walked in to meet my usual group of 10 that I danced with. "Morning guys." I smiled. My phone rang im from an unknown number. Strange. " two seconds."

•phone call•

(M=me and C=caller)

M- hello?

C-hello, is this Jade Elizabeth?

M-speaking... Who's this?

C- I'm Jacobs agent. I've called on his behalf.

M- Jacob who?


M- wha.. Really? Why does he want me?

C- he has a new song called Sweatshirt and he wants you to be the main actor/ dancer in the video.

M-wow! Okay!

C-here's my Email: write it down.

M-I'll just get some paper.



C- AntheaColins@JacobsAgent.com

M-got it

C-email me


C-bye for now


I walked back into the studio and everyone was in positions already. I dropped my bag and got into my position at the front. The music came on and I completely forgot what was going on. I was way to excited to dance! I was gonna be meeting Jacob and dancing with him! "Jade? Are you going to start or not?" I started dancing. And before I knew it I'd finished for the day.

I went outside to walk home and my phone buzzed.

Email: AntheaColins@JacobsAgent.com- Hi, Anthea here, just checking if tommorow is okay to meet Jacob as you will obviously need to spend some time together as you will be flirting on the video! Thanks Anthea Colins

Oh no! Tommorow? I needed new clothes ASAP! On my way back home I stopped at the shopping mall and saw the most perfect outfit! I had to get it no matter what, I mean I'm going to meet Jacob Sartorius! I bought it and made my way home.

As I got home my phone rang. It was my best friend Shay.

•phone call•


S- wow you sound so excited what's going on?

M- I'm meeting Jacob! Seriously I am and I'm going to dance with him and hug him and oh my god I'm so excited!

S- this isn't funny

M- I'm not joking!

S-if this is serious get me an autograph then

M- I'll try

S- I have to go Nialls coming over.

M- okay see you soon

S- bye!

Niall was her boyfriend of 2 years! They were so cute together. I didn't like him at first but I do now. They're perfect for each other! :) she was 17 and I was 14 kinda weird that were friends I guess she's more of a big sister than I friend but still.

It was 10pm and I had to be up at 5am, I couldn't sleep. I was way too excited! What if he didn't like me or wanted to choose someone else? Ugh I had to make my best impression tomorrow and looking tired won't help my good impression. I finally fell to sleep at about 11:30pm.

I had a big day ahead of me...

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