Happy To Be Back

It's New Year's Eve when Mike hears knocking at his door. Upon opening it, he is stunned to find Eleven on his doorstep. Mike x Eleven.
Prepare yourselfs. There are gonna be quite a few chapters...


3. The Girl and The Acrobat

Mike stared at the girl in disbelief, and spoke up again.

"How did you return to here...?!"

Eleven gently shook her head. She leaned forward and reached past Mike to a blue pen and notepad which was covered in sketches and flipped to a new page. Mike recognised the crude diagram: The Flea and the Acrobat. He wondered how she had remembered the one he had drawn for her so well. He looked up at her with a questioning look. She turned the note pad to him and circled the small dot with short legs.


He thought about what she could possibly mean.

"You're...the 'flea'?"

She nodded.

"I was in the upside down. I came back."

Mike understood. He nodded. Eleven placed the note pad and pen back onto the table, and looked back at Mike. There was still one question itching in the back of Mike's mind.

"Why did go there?"he said calmly.



At first, he received a blank look, but it quickly turned to a frown. Tears quietly welled up in Eleven's eyes. Mike's heart ached at the sight.

"Ah! Please, don't cry!!"

He brushed a gentle finger against her eyes and caught her tears. She pressed her face against the soft touch, and took a deep breath.

"I...would cause trouble. The bad people...are still around. I was scared...They would only hurt you, and Dustin, and Lucas..."

Mike felt overcome with emotion. He stood up and leaned over, wrapping his arms around her. He felt her shake, but petted her head and laughed.

"I wish you had come back sooner...You missed the Snowball Dance..."

-Author's Note:I'm sorry about the last line-

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