Happy To Be Back

It's New Year's Eve when Mike hears knocking at his door. Upon opening it, he is stunned to find Eleven on his doorstep. Mike x Eleven.
Prepare yourselfs. There are gonna be quite a few chapters...


6. Meeting

Mike was awoken my El rolling into him. He wasn't quite sure why she was in his bed, but she looked so peaceful he barely minded. Trying not to wake her up, he climbed over her and adjust the blanket. He threw a clean shirt and jacket on, and was contemplating the risk of Eleven seeing him in his underwear when she woke up.

"Goodmorning." he whispered, afraid he may alert his parents of someone else in his room.She nodded at him, tossing away blankets. His eyes caught the tatty off pink dress that had been folded on his bed side table.

"Ah, you'll need new clothes if you are going outside...I don't think you'll need a wig, though." he observed, noting her light brown hair.

"Outside?" she questioned.

"Um, yeah...I was thinking we could meet with Dustin and Lucas and Will...Is that okay?" he asked gently. He was relieved when she nodded. Mike decided upon pulling a pair of baggy jeans over his pajama shorts, and made Eleven lock the door behind him. He tip toed past his family, who were scattered around the kitchen and breakfast table, and into the basement. After several minutes of rummaging through Nancy's old clothing which was being saved for his little sister, he found a black short sleeved blouse with a ruffled front, an orange knee length skirt, some slightly worn out blue sneakers, long socks, white underwear, and a pastel yellow cardigan as it was chilly outside. On his way back to his room he thought of El's slightly sickly skin, probably a result of three months without sunlight, and grabbed a makeup bag from his mother's room. She had to blend in. He gently tapped on his door and was let in by El.

"Here you go." he said, passing her the bundle of clothing,"Before you put them on, I'll put some stuff of your skin, like last time, okay?"


They sat on the bed and Mike carefully opened the bag. He grabbed the lightest powder he could find and gently dusted it over Eleven's face with a fluffy brush. She giggled at the sensation, causing Mike's face to flush. After her face was looking natural, he gently applied blush to her cheeks and let her put on pink lipgloss herself. He waited outside his room and let her change clothing. She opened to door and all he could think of was how pretty she looked.

"Good?" she asked nervously.

"Really good." he confirmed, smiling." Hold on, I'm gonna call everyone."

He ran downstairs to the family phone and called Lucas, Dustin, and Will.

"Meet me near the school in fifteen minutes, I have a surprise," was all he said to them before hanging up. Then, after making sure his family was out of sight, he led Eleven outside to his bike and headed to the meeting spot with her sitting behind him.

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