Happy To Be Back

It's New Year's Eve when Mike hears knocking at his door. Upon opening it, he is stunned to find Eleven on his doorstep. Mike x Eleven.
Prepare yourselfs. There are gonna be quite a few chapters...


5. Goodnight

Mike cleared his top bunk of wrappers and loose papers and straightened the covers. Just as he had put down a pillow, he heard the faint sound of shower water stop. He knocked on the bathroom door and leaned in.


"What?" she responded quietly.

"I'm leaving clothing out here. Once you're dry, change into them, okay?"


He went back to his bed and waited for her worriedly, as his family would be back in less than half an hour. Just as he contemplated going to remind her of their arrival, she made her way inside his room. He noticed his old pajamas were a little snug on her, but he knew that his sister would have a fit if he took her clothing. She may have battled a monster, but she was still Nancy.

"You sleep up there,"he said, gesturing to the top bunk," and I'll sleep below you."

She nodded and shakily climbed up, heaving her heavy body onto the soft duvet. She stared at Mike on her side. He switched off the hallway light and locked his door. He almost hit the switch for the bedroom, but Eleven shook her head.


"No dark..."

His hand drifted from the light switch and her slumped into his bed.

"Goodnight, Eleven." he mumbled.

"Goodnight, Mike." she whispered with a gentle smile 

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