Happy To Be Back

It's New Year's Eve when Mike hears knocking at his door. Upon opening it, he is stunned to find Eleven on his doorstep. Mike x Eleven.
Prepare yourselfs. There are gonna be quite a few chapters...


2. Back

Mike stepped forward and wrapped his hand around Eleven's bare arm, where a sleeve looked as if it had been torn off by something. He pulled her into him and sat his head on her shoulder. He was assaulted by various scents (mud, dust, blood, and some sort of moist substance he couldn't quite make out), but he couldn't care less.He felt Eleven's hands press against his shoulder blades and her chin nuzzle into his neck.

"How are you alive...?" he whispered against her.


She slumped slightly against his chest and spoke again.

"Can we...go inside? I...I'm cold..."

Her voice was weak in his ear. 

"Ah! Yeah, c'mon!"

Mike shouldered her weight and locked the doors behind him. As they came to the lounge he lowered her into his father's recliner. She smiled a little as she leaned back, stroking the fabric she had felt less than three months ago. Mike knelt in front of her and touched her bruised knee gently. 

"How are you here?" he asked gently. She looked at the extremely frayed hem of her dusty dress.

"I came from the upside down."she said quietly.

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