The last year- Dramione

"Draco...I love you..." mumbled Hermione
Read to find out what happened next.


1. I hate you I love you

Hi this is my first time writing here in Movella, could you please rate/comment on my fanfic. 

"Hermione, come on you gotta talk with Ron about your 'Relationship'  between him." suggested Ginny. 

"I can't it's too hard and he'll probably break up with me." replied Hermione. 

I can't believe it, he h-ad... the audacity to cheat on me with Pansy Parkinson! Hermione thought angrily. 

"If I see Ron today, i'm going to punch him and make him regret that he cheated on you." mumbled Ginny. 

"That would be very much appreciated, Ginny." answered Hermione. 


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