Life is a, Pitch

So you'd expect this to be about a girl who likes to wear makeup and loves the colour pink, and will gush over the most recent "hottest" boyband in my school, 5 seconds of summer.

Well . . . I'm not that average girl. I play fastball. Baseball is my life. I happen to be the, star pitcher and assistant captain. My beautiful bestfriend Ashley is my back catcher.

Everything was perfect. On my way to become a pro, my bestfriend by my side. but then he came and messed it up...


2. Over Protective Bestfriend


Just to let you know before you start this chapter I added some stuff to the first one :)




*Luke's P.O.V.*


"Hey, blondie you can stop staring at her." That Adam guy, sounds mad.

"oh, sorry." I'm embarrassed now. "Are you guy's. . . like a thing?" I point between them.

"No!" Kayla say's.

"We're just bestfriends." Adam say's sounding disappointed, rubbing the back of his neck.

"Hey, uh where's the bathroom?" I ask. Kayla looks at Adam, and nods.

"Come on." he waves to me and I follow him to the bathroom.

This house is pretty big. We pass a room that has baseball stuff all over it. I thought she had a brother or something, but I remember Kayla plays baseball, then I remember Mr. Star said that their son, Ian moved out about 3 months ago to go to collage.

We past another room that had a bunch of hockey stuff. It read "Ian" and "#1 Goalie", so I'm guessing he was also a Major Athlete to.

"Here we are." Adam stops and me almost running into him. I have to look up a little bit, he is only about 2 inches taller than me.

"Thanks." I said and walk in.

I don't like this Adam kid. I thought.


*Adams P.O.V.*


I don't, like this Luke kid. I think to myself. He seems off a little bit. I decided to walk back to the kitchen. That Luke guy seems smart enough to find his was around the house.

I walk back to the kitchen and I see HER eating my food!

"Kayla!" I scream as I ran to tackle her.

"Adam! wait!" I stop right before I was going to tackle her.

She walks around the table, an heads for the back yard.

"Adam, I need you to listen to me." I start to walk toward her "I AM SO NOT SORRY FOR EATING YOUR FOOD!" She yells, and I run after her, in the back yard. The 3 other guys follow us laughing.

She runs behind a tree. I snuck up on one side and she looks on the other. I took this chance to grab her. I ran up behind her and grabbed her and threw her on my shoulder.

she screams and I laugh.


*Luke's P.O.V.*


I walk out of the bathroom finally finishing my business. Then I heard a scream from somewhere outside. With my manly instinct I ran down stairs and through the back door. I thought I would see Kayla in trouble but then I see that Adam and Kayla are play fighting. I cant help but feel a little sad, I don't know why but I do. Like she aint even my type of girl. I sing, and play guitar but she, she can play fastball, and she's good, really good. She's pretty. -But I cant do anything about my feelings cause it seems like Adam likes her.

"Hey dude!" Calum interrupted my thoughts "So I see you kinda like Kayla." He smirks

"HUH! no"

"You sure?"

"Positive." looking at her "She's not even my type."

"Alright whatever you say." he say walking away to sit with the boys in the grass.


*Kayla's P.O.V.*


"Adam!! No!!" I scream "Not while I'm in my uniform!"

"Then you shouldn't have stolen my food!"

"I wont do it again!"

"We both know that is a lie." He stops in front of the pool.

 He grabs me and spins me around on his shoulders. So now I'm facing the pool while I'm still on his shoulder.

"Do you promise?" he smirks

"No." he leans my head near the pool "Okay! Okay! I promise!."

the boys are just laughing at me great.

Adam puts me down.

"So you still wanna go for a swim?" I ask with a smile, then I push him into the water, and runaway into the house.


*Authors Note*

So hey guys sorry that it was such a short chapter and I didn't update in awhile but I promise they will get longer! :)

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