The Girl with the Red Hair

As you all know Harry was the only descendant from Lily and James Potter. But at Hogwarts, this girl, a year older than him, reminds him of his mother(her looks) and his father(her personality). Is it true, or is it only another Weasley?


3. Chapter 3

(A/N: Hey guys!! I know that I do this often, but thank you @Dumbledore'sdaughter, @EchoLover16, @HarryPotterGeekGirl, and @Merlinia Malfoy for you awesome comments! I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Harry's POV

A dish shattered. But it probably wasn't heard because a fireplace exploded. Harry ran into the living room. His uncle, aunt, and Dudley rushed into the room.

"What on Earth!" Vernon bellowed. Just then four redheads covered in ash walked out from the furnace.

"Hiya, Harry!" Fred said. Harry smiled and shook his hand. "Come on, George, we've gotta get Harry's trunk!" The twins walked up the stairs leaving a trail of ash.

"Sorry about that, Mr. and Mrs. Dursley. I should be able too fix it in a few minutes." Arthur said. Then he started murmuring counter curses and the bricks slowly pieced themselves back together.

"Ron! A little help here!!" George called out, grunting from the weight of the trunk. The boy looked startled and dashed up the stairs. The Dursleys all just looked mortified. When the three boys came down they asked if Harry was ready.

"Yeah, I think that's everything." He told them. While the Weasleys loaded back in, Arthur hung back and was studying an outlet.

"Marvelous. Well crafted too." He said.

"Dad, can we go already?" Fred asked. Mr. Weasley suddenly awoke from his fantasy.

"Oh! Of course! We'd better be going then! Thank you Dursleys!" He entered the fireplace. "Alright, boys! You know what to do!" One by one the redheads used Floo powder to disappear and hopefully go to the Burrow, until it was Harry's turn. He threw it into the pit and yelled, "The Burrow!"

Aspen's POV

There were so many shops to choose from. Cho desperately wanted to get a new robe, but Aspen idolized the new brooms. So, they decided to split up, and meet up at Gringotts to replenish their gallons. Aspen soon lost herself in the new Firebolt 3000, imaging winning every Quidditch tournament ever created. "Interesting broom that one." A young man told her. "Are you looking to buy it?" He asked.

"Oh. I mean, I'd love to, but I haven't enough sickles." She replied.

"Don't you worry about that. I'm sure you have enough in Gringotts. I'll save it for you. Come back later and buy it." He said.

"No, no, no. Someone else deserves it more than me. I was just imagining. You, know. Thank you though." He smiled to her and she walked towards the gigantic crème colored building.

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