The Girl with the Red Hair

As you all know Harry was the only descendant from Lily and James Potter. But at Hogwarts, this girl, a year older than him, reminds him of his mother(her looks) and his father(her personality). Is it true, or is it only another Weasley?


2. Chapter 2

Harry's POV

Harry had just mopped the floor. Of course old Dudley, his cousin, had been hanging with his gang, while it was raining, stepped in a mud hole, and ran through the house without taking the time to simply get a paper towel and make the mess vanish. Boy and then did his uncle get mad; his face swelled up like a balloon, and he was so angry that his skin was now purple. "Boy!!!!!!!!! I swear if you don't get this mess cleaned up, then you can say goodbye to the Weasels!!!!!!!!!!" He yelled.

"Yes, Uncle Vernon." He wanted to yell, "They're the Weasleys, not the Weasels!!!" but he kept his lips glued to one another. He was supposed to leave in an hour to spent the rest of his summer holiday with his pal Ron, but right now, it wasn't looking too good. He ran his hand through his hair, and then decided to break a Dursley law. He would use his wand to correct this mess.

Aspen's POV

"So where do you want to go first?" Cho asked.

"I was thinking that we could look and see if they have any new broom models." Aspen told her.

"You and your Quidditch." She laughed. "Alright but I need a new robe too." Cho replied. We shook on it. The taxi arrived at a grimy looking building. It looked hundreds of years old, but when you stepped inside, it looked brand-specking-new.

"Hello, girls. Care for a bowl of ice cream? Or Bertie Botts?" A waiter asked.

"Maybe later. Thanks though." Cho said. They went through the door and a column of bricks welcomed them. Aspen pulled out her wand, and tapped the bricks, first diagonally, then straight, then backwards. The bricks shook, and spread apart, leaving a hole in the middle. To any muggle, they would've probably fainted but Cho and Aspen walked through it like it was completely normal and they did it everyday.

(A/N: Hi! I'm so sorry that this chapter is so short, and I promise that the next update will be better, and longer. Happy Christmas Eve!🎄🎁


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