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24. ....

annabelles p.o.v 

¨ Annabelle your not your gorgeous and kind and your body is amazing don't let some whore tell you different babe.¨ (L)
¨  thank you luke .¨ (A)
¨ Alright now do you wanna stay here or ¨ (L)
¨ um is it okay if we go to your house. um i just don't want my mom to see me like this.¨ (A)
¨ Yeah its fine¨ (L)
I gave him a shy smile then hopped off the counter and went to get new clothes.
I walked to my room, grabbed a pair of comfy shorts, fuzzy socks and my dads xx-large yale sweater. I went back to the bathroom and saw luke there still on the toilet seat on his phone. i stood there for about a minute enjoying the view. i went to the sink and washed my face. i splashed cold water on my face about 5 times and when i looked into the mirror luke was right behind me. he snaked his arms around my waist and layed his chin on my shoulder.

¨ hi" (L) 
¨ Hey¨ (A)
¨ you ready?" (L) 
¨ Yeah just let me change.¨ (A)
¨ Can i stay i wont look i promise¨"(L)
ï laughed. he makes me laugh
¨ Yeah¨ (A)
he went back to the totliet seat and went back to his phone.

i took off my shirt and looked into the mirror. i was only in my bra and denim jeans Im so fat 
I was about to run out the room but luke grabbed me and did what he did earlier. he snaked his arms around my waist. ¨ Your not even supposed to be look¨ (A)
¨ I couldnt help it your beautufil. ¨ (L)
¨ Can you let go now so i can change.¨ (A)
¨ I like what your wearing tho.¨ (L)
¨ Luke!" I was laughing again ¨ Im wearing a bra and shorts.¨ (A)
¨ True i dont need anyone looking at you.¨ (L)
He let go of my waist and let me change i threw on the yale sweater then took off my denim jeans and put on my black comfy ones. I put on my fluffy sockets and i was ready. 
¨ Im done.¨ (A)
hes such a dork. 
¨No im just throwing it in a bun .¨ (A)
¨ Fine.¨ (L)
He grabbed my hand gently and took me downstairs.
We walked out my house hand and hand and i couldnt be more happier in this moment 







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