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please read! And hope you guys like


12. :)

Lukes p.o.v
" okay guys let go of my girlfriend before you suffocate her" I said fake pouting
" Girlfriend?" 
" Yes cal girlfriend" I told him grabbing annabelle by the waist and pecking her lips
" Yup im his girlfriend and hes my boyfriend"
" OO go luke" Michael said laughing, Gosh hes so childish but i still love him hes one of my best mates.
The bell rang signalling that class was about to start so i pulled annabelle along with me and went to find our seats.
" Okay class. Im Mr.Haris and we have a new student care to introduce yourself." 
I can tell Annabelle was nervous to talk because she was squezzing my hand harder than she was before.
" Um okay. Im annabelle Im 17 about to be 18 on november 27 and yeah." She sat back down
I must say i was jeloues because all the guys were partically drooling over her. Annabelle might have noticed because she squezzed my hand and rubbed her thumb over it and that made me relax a bit. Im glad shes all mine

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